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Friday, 23 December 2011

The Dame congratulates......

The Dame is hearing good thing about the Mayor, Cllr Julie Mills.

hardworking Mayor

When she began her year she said, "A common misconception about Kensington and Chelsea is that it is full of rich people, but that is simply not true.
"Of course there are some very well off people, but we also have some of the worst pockets of deprivation in London, particularly in the north of the borough. And people can feel isolated due to poverty, but there are so many other reasons too - maybe due to age or disability."
The Dame, with her ear firmly to the ground hears that Cllr Mills is noted for her hard work and commitment as she does what she set out to do. Well done Madam Mayor!


  1. When she began her year she said, "A common misconception about Kensington and Chelsea is that it is full of rich people, but that is simply not true."

    Actions speak louder than words.

    She presides over a council that cuts services to those who need them most, rides roughshod over those who dare to oppose it (North Ken Academy), and plays political chess to protect itself (Lamont).

    So how exactly have those who are isolated due to poverty, or for other reasons, benefitted?

  2. All of the Councilllors who have served as Mayor in the recent past have been pretty good at it. All of them have made an effort to engage the wider community whilst serving as Mayor. The problem is that once their year is up they go back to form - which is often to pretend that K&C really is just full of rich people, and that is solely who they represent.

    They're either "nice" people who become rather "not nice" once back in cabinet. Or they're "not nice" people wearing a "nice-ness" mask alongside their chain of office. Some fall into the first category, but far too many clearly fall into the second.

  3. I beg to disagree with Anonymous 13:55. Two mayors stand out for their unpleasantness before, during and after. Mayors Coates and Phelps. Phelps, of course, takes first prize because he also lacked any manners, but leaving that aside Coates ran him a good second. Coates was appointed to prevent his deselection and Phelps because for some inexplicable reason Cockell liked him.

  4. Coates is a terrible old snob.Why one cannot think: after all the Coates were merely Edwardian stockbrokers who made sure they married above their station.
    But if Coates is a snob then his wife is a fearful one. She likes to be called Lady Coates. Us Yorkshire folk find it hilarious knowing that her grandfather was merely a jumped up Lithuanian Manchester tailor.


  5. Insiders know why Cockell and Phelps are so close

    If 14.50 is keen to know the answer, he should contact the Dame

  6. 13.55 you are wrong to suggest that all councillors who served as Mayor have been "pretty good at it"

    A notable exception is Cllr Joanna Gardner who blotted her copy book by letting power go to her head. She liked to use the Mayor's Bentley and Driver to do her personal shopping. In quite a blatant manner. The Bentley plus Driver would park on double yellow lines in Kensington Church Street outside the Post Office and wait for Joanna while she bought her stamps.

    An outraged resident put a stop to this after kicking up a fuss at the Town Hall.

    Maybe Cllr Gardener just wanted to show off and look important. Or maybe she was just taking a leaf out of Cllr Cocckell's book and taking a little bit of what she felt entitled to.

    But we need to know this woman for what she is. An instinctive freeloader.

  7. Cllr Gardiner was pretty incompetent at Chairing councill meetings and it took her ages to get to grips with procedure. Surprising for a person who is a solicitor and charges folk for legal advice.

    And when her incompetence was pointed out to her on a number of occasions she was not gracious enough to admit her mistakes and apologise. Her chosen response was to instruct her clerk to reply on her behalf that "concerns are noted". Very grand letters from the very grand Mayors Parlour.

    A "big" person would pick up the phone and say "I'm sorry, I cocked up"

    What a prat.

  8. Coutfield Resident24 December 2011 at 13:12

    Interesting to hear form 14.50 that Cllr Coates was appointed to be Mayor in order to save him from de selection. This explains a rather obtuse comment that Cllr Holt made to me some time ago which I never understood.

    There is still strong feeling in Courtfield about the dreadful Cllr Coates and his crass and very rude treatment of the Ward Chairman. If he was up for re election now he would not stand a chance in hell

    We are quietly on the look out for fresh councillors, especially since Cllr Holt seems to have gone off message too

  9. Cllr Gardiner is a fine person and her friends salute her.

    Courtfield is fortunate to have such a distinguished person as Cllr Prof Sir Anthony Coates Bt BSc MD FRC Path FRCS

    Season Greetings to all men of goodwill

  10. Up Yours
    You are a dreary little lower middle class tyke. However, we aristo's need grovelling little toadies like you, Up Yours, to keep the lower orders in their place. Keep up the good work.
    Incidentally, why does Joanna Gardner think she is an Hon? Frankly, as she is the daughter of some Aussie peer best to keep a low profile. As to the jumped up Coates..I would not hang on his Coates tails Up Yours-he is just a stockbroker's son. Quite commeon to be 'in commerce'

  11. "Up Yours" (Inspector Palmer?) is an odious pox

  12. Dear Courtfield resident,

    You may be on the look out for new Councillors, but with the upcoming reduction in the number of Councillors in RBKC there won't be much room for new talent. There will be a game of musical chairs at selection time, with not enough seats to go round for all the exisiting Councillors. Some Councillors will see their wards carved up and will have to go elsewhere in the Borough. It will be interesting to see who is pushed into retirement.

  13. The Dame has asked me to say that a comment by Up Yours was removed for it excessive tedium. Up Yours this is your second warning. If you continue to abuse the hospitality of the Dame you will be permanently barred.
    The Dame's Censor


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