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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lee Rowley...To be Pushed or To Jump?

Beleaguered Leader of Westminster Council, Colin Barrow partially followed the Dame's advice going into rapid reverse over Cllr Lee Rowley's daft plan to turn the West End into an economic desert. But he has yet to act on the Dame's other bit of advice to fire baby faced management consultant Lee.
The Dame will have to have a quiet word with Lee about falling on one's sword......

If Colin is not to face a challenge to his own leadership he needs to find a scapegoat-and what better scapegoat than the silly boy behind an extremely silly idea.
Come on Lee....time to fall on your sword.

Left: Rowley, the architect of Barrow's misfortune


  1. This farce about parking charges in Westminster, and the total absence of political judgement, is a cockup of K&C proportions. It is the kind of own goal that Cllr Cockell is noted for

    The consultant Lee Rowley clearly has no business being allowed within 100 miles of a political organisation and the Leader of Westminster, Cllr Barrow, needs to give pretty boys a wide berth

  2. Westminster Resident16 December 2011 at 13:45

    Very sad to hear Cllr Barrow on the BBC radio yesterday eating humble pie about the daft attempt to tax small traders out of business in Westminster

    He clutched at the 2012 Olympics and said he will wait until after the games are over before another act of madness

    What is it with these politicos and pretty boys? Wake up, Barrow

  3. There are 3 on K & C who like pretty boys

  4. In my opinion, Lee Rowley, you should be grown up about this and resign. Google 'Lee Rowley Hanover' and look at yourself digging your own political grave with this tripe. This is London, not a third world banana republic where people do as they're told. Also, while we're at it, let's not forget Rosemarie MacQueen in this. How did she compile a report so supportive of these charges, when 95% of people and businesses don't want them? I mean, Goebels would have been proud of her! These two, and Colin Barrow, should go in my opinion. They've worked harder to weaken the Conservative Party vote in London than Ken Livingstone.

  5. Just heard Young Lee Rowley at Westminster City Council bleating on about unfortunate it was that certain sections of the media were waging a campaign against him, on the James Whale show on LBC tonight. Well to be balanced, let's also show the reactions he gets from local residents in London as well (most of them Conservative as well I bet!)

    Didn't LBC also conduct a poll a few weeks ago demonstrating a massive majority against Lee Rowleys plans for parking? As a result of the Nick Ferrari interview with Colin Barrow?

    In my opinion Londoners aren't thinking Colin Barrow and Lee Rowley are Conservatives that represent them, but are rather two arrogant city boys acting rather petulant because things aren't going their way due to the fact they got their sums wrong. And, like the way city boys do, want someone else to bail them out.

    Perhaps they just need to resign, nice and quietly, do not pass go, do not collect a peerage, etc......


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