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Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Year Honours

The Dame has been tipped off that our £115,000 Bentley limo has been seen in the vicinity of Ede and Ravencroft( they rig out all those dodgy life peers who infest the Upper Chamber)- and the College of Arms where they go to get their armorials sorted out. What fun Evelyn Waugh would have had with it all!
The 'Arms' Factory

Lord 'Pooter' Cockell
Anyway, peering through the darkened glass windows of the Bentley a sharp eyed observer spotted 'Lord' Pooter Cockell looking terribly pleased with himself as he reclined on the back seat dressed in his regalia. He looked something like this.


  1. It just makes a farce of democracy and diminishes respect and faith in the system

    We might as well be a North Korean village

  2. Dame
    I am surprised at you. We know that you circulate in the upper stratosphere of London 'Society'so surely you must know that the image you have included is of the Earl of Lichfield- a proper aristocrat-not like Pooter who is German. Patrick would be humiliated at the confusion

  3. I choked on my coffee when I read this.

    The House of Lords used to be a place for noble persons to be rewarded. People with values and standards, whatever their political leaning.

    One hoped that the Tories might treasure this tradition. It seems not.

    "Lord" Cockell sticks in the throat.....

  4. OH Dear God! Lord of the Cockups! I agree with 13.29 , it used to be a House of Wisdom and Integrity....not anymore. Is he the only one that the Tories could nominate? Surely not? Another example of them being out of touch with the real world.

  5. One disgusted taxpayer29 December 2011 at 14:34

    The enoblement of this man is a complete disgrace to our democracy. If you are looking for proof that it is time for the House of Lords to be replaced with an elected upper chamber, look no further than Lord Pooter of Stanley. I really am going to vomit if I hear anyone defend the House of Lords in future on the basis that it is needed for the "experience" that its members provide. The Royal Borough has provided Joan Hanham, Shireen Ritchie and now Pooter Cockell. Gag, double gag and triple gag.

    Elections in most wards in the Royal Borough are a mere formality as the Conservatives are untouchable due to the demographic make-up of the Borough. Pooter is now moving into another body where he will be untouchable for life and will face even less democratic accountability than he has faced on the Council. All at the expense of the taxpayer, and at the expense of a properly functioning democracy.

    If Pooter, or Ritchie or any member of the House of Lords is so valuable, then LET THEM FACE THE VOTERS in a serious contest for a seat in the upper house. If they are so wonderful then I am sure they can win election (and no, winning election in Brompton or Stanley wards does not count--you could pin a blue rosette on a goat and they would win in those wards).

  6. Dear Dame, can we have a competition to guess Cockell's title, if this travesty is true?

    Lord Cockell of Cockups is already on the table.

    Lord Cocky more like.

    Any other suggestions?

  7. Cllr Cockell will leave behind a thoroughly shameful legacy in K&C that is derived from his failure of leadership.

    Too many councillors have treated K&C as a self indulgent piggy bank. Using tax payers money to entertain friends lavishly (Cockell and Moylan), using public funds for First Class travel and Five Star Hotel stays in foreign lands (Cockell), weekends "on the house" (Cockell), bullying of staff (Moylan and Mellen), Mayors using the Bentley for personal shopping (Gardiner), to send the grandson to school (Ritchie), and the Leader using the Bentley to impress (Cockell). Using the council computer system to distribute pornographic images of boys (Phelps), using the council telephones for personal overseas calls (the Inspector), using Hornton Street as a springboard for double jobbing in the public sector (Cockell, Ritchie, Moylan, Hanham), using council facilities to run their private business (the Inspector), using Conservative Office to run his private business pre failure (Cockell)

    Very little evidence of humility and the public service ethic. Much too much "me, me, me"

    It is sad that fed up residents using Freedom of Information have had to invest time and energy to root out and expose the wrongdoing. Much of it based on "imitating the Leader"

    A true failure of leadership. A failure to set a good example. Cllr Cockell should be ashamed of himself.

  8. Why is anyone surprised, Cameron owes Cockell for a favour going back some years, this, if it is true could be the payback. This is just another example of Cockell's utilisation of public office for personal gain.

  9. Another One Who Knows29 December 2011 at 17:08

    Yes, when Cameron moved into North Kensington his street was immediately re-paved with York stone, which was then deep cleaned and magnolia trees were planted, including one directly outside his house. The Special Branch officer said that one would have to be removed if the Camerons stayed there, as it would interfere with a direct sniper shot at any terrorist going up the path to knock on the front door! Thankfully for the tree, they decided to move into No. 10, although they still retain the house. A peerage is an excellent payback for these little treats.

  10. Kensington Resident29 December 2011 at 17:17

    Friends in high trees

    And the little story of Phelps that is waiting to be aired

  11. Pooter could be known as Lord Cock-il of Pooteryang.


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