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Monday, 12 December 2011

A Mayor Miscalculation

When Mayor Boris said the Prime Minister had, 'played a blinder' he must have reflected,
morosely, that he himself had played his own hand very badly.

Left: Played the fool

Boris needs reflect on the old clich├ęd adage of a week being a long time in politics.
Last week Boris used his position as a putative 'national treasure' to undermine his old school and university chum.
Taking the advice of the Great Debater, Cllr Moylan, he decided to put himself up as a champion of some of Cameron's fiercest enemies on the 1922 Committee.
But those enemies have now become the Prime Minister's closest allies and our rather incompetent Mayor's attempt to supplant his rival look gauche and ill thought through. Even Simon Heffer has fallen in love with the Prime Minister, along with the rest of the Tory press.
So where does it leave our Mayor? Most exposed thinks The Dame.....
If the Dame were wily enough to be David Cameron she would show no mercy. She might even screw up his attempts to continue as Mayor, and in the years to come, she would certainly try to frustrate his efforts to return to Westminster.
Disloyalty has to have it's just reward


  1. And what punishment for the Lord of Thailand?

  2. I can think of nothing better than membership of Boodles, Anonymous 14:22.



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