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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Paving the Way To A Peerage-The Cockell way ahead

The Dame pays particular attention to comments from Another One Who Knows. AOWK seems to be well connected. Could it be that ex Mayor, Mr Phelps, with his interest( like another cllr) in young boys' images. Or maybe that mischievous chap Mr Myers: after all it does no harm to keep the elected members on their toes....
Anyway, the Dame is fascinated to know that taxpayers of the Rotten Borough may have had a sort of Maundy Gregory role in procuring a peerage for Pooter. How come you might ask? Well, if we are to believe AOWK, the  move to make Pooter a member of the nobility will have been advanced by a load of York Stone on 'Dave' Cameron's street. Read on to know more.

"When Cameron moved into North Kensington his street was immediately re-paved with York stone, which was then deep cleaned and magnolia trees were planted, including one directly outside his house.
Prime Ministerial Paving
The Special Branch officer said that one would have to be removed if the Camerons stayed there, as it would interfere with a direct sniper shot at any terrorist going up the path to knock on the front door! Thankfully for the tree, they decided to move into No. 10, although they still retain the house. A peerage is an excellent payback for these little treats."


  1. you do talk a load of rubbish

  2. Obviously a mate of Pooter judging from the illiterate comment. I suppose you mean the Dame writes a load of rubbish! But if that is true why do thousands of residents read her.

  3. Looks like the Dame has got up the nose of one of Cockell's little it.
    It has got to be UP YOURS aka Roundell Palmer the man who had just a little issue with phone calls to Australia...

  4. What is it with these supposedly very important
    conswillers... they all seem to have a paving fetish...maybe they should be in the quarries hacking it out instead of laying it.

  5. "you do talk a load of rubbish"

    You are Filthy Phelps and I claim my £5

  6. Not so 22:58 Cameron owes pooter for more than paving stones. Maybe pooter thinks you are the mushroom in the pile we all know how mushrooms are treated.

  7. Interestingly, after several accidents around the borough due to slippery paving, the Council then 'protected' the future PM by sending the nibbling machine out to 'rough up' the paving surface. Only a very few slidey pavements have benefitted from this very expensive treatment, but they couldn't bear the idea of SamCam or Dave having an awkward 'bum meets pavement' moment.

    This was all covered up by the Council as 'cleaning due to lime-tree deposits'.

    There are no lime-trees in the PM's street.

  8. Anonymous 22:58
    If it is such rubbish why do you keep coming back to read the Dame's musings?

  9. I think the residents of Trellick Tower in Golborne Ward should demand that the area in the street outside that block of flats be paved with York stone and the landscape improved by the planting of Magnolia Trees. If York paving stones are good enough for the mates of pooter, they are good enough for those who live in Trellick Tower.

    Labour Councillors in Golborne Ward should look out. With the demise of the dreary and rather ghastly looking Wornington Estate and, the prospect of pretty Magnolia Trees being planted in the street outside Trellick Tower, this could start a gentrification trend in Golborne and bring about a change to the voting habits of residents.

  10. The safety of the Prime Minister is paramount

  11. Up Yours will your grovelling never cease?

  12. Up Yours please get help before it is too late. Your problems seem to be getting more severe.

  13. Up Yours (Inspector Palmer) is clearly an intellectually backward and socially challenged person

    The poor counsellor deserves pity and his Ward should quietly stand down the menace.

  14. The top MP's are allways treated well, way ahead of children that are dying in hospitals, firemen, the lot! Makes me so cross that they talk about expenses and they have the cheak to go around spending our taxes!


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