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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Merrick In Mistaken Identity

'The Dame was very much amused to hear of this story from within the entourage of the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, the Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP. 
Mr Alexander had been called upon to give words of wisdom at a Housing Conference at the LGA. Arriving hotfoot from Parliament in his limousine, (not a Bentley) Danny was pleased to be greeted by a friendly doorman chappie who opened the door in an unctuous manner and bid him a subservient 'good morning'.
Imagine the Chief Secretary's astonishment, therefore, when this 'doorman', who bore a remarkable resemblance to Mr Mole from the Wind in the Willows, followed him into the reception room and began to engage him in earnest conversation, with much flapping of hands to cover up his excitement. It transpired that said doorman was none other than Councillor Sir Merrick Cockell, who indeed shares many characteristics with Mr Mole: thus the error was forgivable.
left: The LGA Chairman


  1. Dame do you have a pic of Mr Mole aka
    known as Pooter Cockell driving the Mayoral Bentley at speed!!

  2. More like Uriah Heap than Mr Mole

    But definately a reptile

  3. We all hope and pray (twice a day) that it will not be long before Cllr Cockell takes himself off to be full time doorman at the LGA


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