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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lady Hanham to lecture Sir Merrick Cockell on Local Government profligacy

When Merrick Cockell was 'roasted' over his vast expenses, including $400 dinners for two in New York and elsewhere; Virgin Premium class flights and luxury 5 star hotels in US cities, his keenest advocate and moral support was his predecessor, Lady Hanham.
When he twisted the arms of fellow councillors to force through the quite unnecessary purchase of a £100k plus Bentley Lady Hanham was at his side, supporting his extravagant and reckless spending. 
Indeed Lady Hanham saw no dichotomy in RBKC being one of few councils to allow councillors to travel first class whilst MP's, top military and other more suitably qualified public servants were forced into cattle class.
Doubtless she will be using the late lamented Chelsea Care(£1 million down the plughole)  and the hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on Holland Park Opera as examples of local government efficiency. Or maybe, that flop of an idea the Wedge...cost £350k .

left: Lady Hanham's ideal of driving local government efficiency RBKC1!

When the Dame received her invitation to attend an event themed: Baroness Hanham:driving efficiency across local government she assumed it was some sort of jest on the part of the organisers.
In fact, the organisers say it is no joke and that they expect the septuagenarian Baroness to be a huge draw! So great a draw that Mr Sheppard at the Town Hall even dropped in the fact that entry is free and the venue local-Olympia Two......

The Dame is sure the event on 6 March 2012 will fill Olympia with hordes at the gates fighting to hear this champion of £130k a year double jobbers like Cockell talk about local government efficiency.

We don't forget the Baroness never told her friend, Sir Cockell, that her colleague Mr Pickles, is dead against the vast allowances grabbed by her ex RBK&C colleagues, and the vast salary paid to Mr Myers. But then why would she? After all, her other friend, La Baronessa Ritchie is cooling collecting well over £130,000 a year. Now that is really efficient! No wonder she was so efficient in the Grand Met typing pool...


  1. Dame
    This has got to be one of your little jokes!!! It cannot be true. Hanham is hopeless

  2. This is puff. A politicians bumped off to the Lords and with not enough to do.

    Ego still shouting "I am a very important person"

    With any luck, very few will turn up to this non event. Pooter (of course) and loyal servants Inspector Palmer,prety boy Mellen and Major Domo Paget-Brown


    fun for cat lovers

  4. I am not sure whether it is his expenses or his incompetence that is more unacceptable. Difficult choice.

  5. I wonder if Lady Hanhamn will hold up Hammersmith and Fulham Council as a model of stewardship of taxpayers' funds. They just spent over £7K on a blow-out retirement bash for their retiring Chief Executive (who is going with a massive payout to make way for Derek Myers). Conservative Councillors like Stephen Greenhalge, Harry Phibbs and Greg Hands MP's minion, Cllr Peter Graham, have been busily defending this waste of money.

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