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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hill House School and a 'couldn't care less attitude' To Dangerous Parental Parking

Double parking school campaign.jpg

A job for RBKC and the Police-Not Pupils


Posted by Emma Heseltine on Dec 17, 11 09:00 AM in News
Pupils from a North Kensington school took matters into their own hands to try and stop drivers from double parking on the road outside.
Youngsters at Bassett House Primary School in Bassett Road designed and distributed leaflets to raise awareness of the dangers of double parking.
Their campaign was supported by PCSOs from the north of the borough and the road safety team at Kensington and Chelsea Council. 
This is the most extraordinary of stories. The Council is so impotent in the face of parents illegally parking that it has to dragoon potential victims to halt this illegal and anti social practice! You could not make it up!! In Hans Place parents of Hill House School triple park and the headmaster and staff do absolutely nothing to stop it. PCSOs walk blithely past whilst parking attendants say that they have been told not to upset parents by asking them to move on. The school seems quite indifferent to the danger posed to children and refuses, as other local schools have done, to use staff to move on parents. What a terrible example is set by parents to their children. The story is that Pooter Cockell refuses to intervene: he does not wish to upset the uber rich parents. The Dame suggest that the headmaster's son, ' Fat William' be made patrolman-he is not much use for anything else! All he could come up with in the 'Guide to Parents' was this nonsense..."Parking This is the most contentious point of all with local residents.  The Tutors on parking duty are there to help the smooth flow of traffic and to keep inconvenience to a minimum.  They do this with courtesy and efficiency in the best interests of everyone so please follow their directions. Do not double park, block Residents’bays, sound your horn to attract your child’s attention or leave cars unattended at any time." 
Hill House NEVER has tutors supervising traffic. It is a downright lie to suggest otherwise

RBK&C do something about this lawbreaking before a child is maimed or worse


  1. Quite right! It is up to the school to prevent danger to children and huge resentment amongst residents.
    Hill House School parents double and triple park causing endless congestion all around Hans Crescent. Residents are fed to the back teeth with the disinterest of Mr Townend, the Headmaster

  2. I too have complained to Hill House.
    They do sweet FA. Useless selfish bunch


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