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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Cllr Ritchie and the cost to the taxpayer= £500 per day

It might interest people to know exactly what Cllr Ritchie is making in her various positions.
As a Cabinet member RBK&C roughly £60,000 per annum.

As a member of the House of Lords she has the potential to claim £42,000 per annum.

Until very recently she was paid by a further £15,000 per annum for an outside chairmanship.
We understand that she has an RBK&C pension of £13,000 per annum.

So in total the taxpayer is providing an income of £2,500 per week or £500 a day.
There may be other associated costs such as out of pocket expenses but these have been
difficult to track.


  1. This little piggy has her nose firmly in the trough.

  2. The Dame forgot to mention the £10k that Cllr "porky" Ritchie pulls in from London Councils (advising on young persons). The job was a patronage gesture from Cllr Cockell.


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