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Monday, 12 December 2011

The Dame As An Agony Aunt

Seriously....The Dame is being used by some of London's most senior local government leaders as a maternal shoulder to cry on!
The latest is embattled Cllr Barrow at Westminster. Just about everybody is screaming at him over his greedy plans to fill his funding gap using the hapless motorist-and at the expense of West End commerce.
Over a warming cup of hot chocolate at Fortnums a tearful Colin gave The Dame the inside track.
When it became clear that, through ineptitude, WCC had lost out on it's government grant young Lee Rowley came up with the crass idea of turning the West End into a ghost town.
The Dame asked Colin why had he listened to young Lee knowing he was just a junior management consultant, but by now Colin was past reason as floods of tears coursed down his ample jowls.
All he could think of was how his seat in the Lords, alongside Pooter Cockell, had been jerked from beneath him.
Luckily, The Dame had the answer. "Colin, wipe away your tears" she said, passing him a lavender scented handkerchief "I have the solution- you must fire young Lee Rowley without delay".
Watch this space for the firing of Rowley-for the greater good, of course....

 left: 12 year old Lee

1 comment:

  1. I realise the Dame has been very preoccupied propping up our besieged 'Leaders' and top officers, an admirable trait that shows her breeding and good nature.

    However I do hope she will have time to analyse and comment on the rather embarrassing result of her poll. Labour at 59%!!

    Whatever is going on?


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