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Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Dame Salutes RBK&C Officers(most-but not all)

What RBK&C Officers Have To Do

Private sector employees look to their boards of directors for mature, experienced leadership.

Employees in local authorities are no different. They too wish to be led by 'competents'. However, instead of reasonably well qualified leaders they are as often as not directed by councillors who,( and the Dame is going to be as tactful as possible), have little in the way of qualifications/business acumen.
So the Dame salutes that cadre of RBK&C officers who, against all the odds, manage to keep the Rotten Borough going, despite the best efforts of senior councillors to screw things up on a monotonously regular basis.
The Dame has cited over the months the so many idiocies perpetrated by Cockell and his crew: they need no repetition....
At this festive time of the year the Dame pays tribute to the competent officer class who 'Keep Calm And Carry On'.
How they must dread having to sort out the messes that Pooter Cockell and friends gets them into. And how angry they must get to see their budgets slashed whilst Pooter and friends like La Baronessa Ritchie continue to draw £120,000 a year plus allowances for doing what little they do supremely badly.
And worse they now have to looked forward to working within the appalling mess that it is the ill fated Tri Borough Arrangement.
Cllr Ritchie needs to resign with immediate effect, as does the utterly hopeless E. Campbell. The Dame cannot even begin reflect on the lunacy of promoting Cllr Feilding-Mellen to do a man's job.
Anyway, well done Borough officers who do their job with application and honesty. It is a pity that councillors cannot follow their example!


  1. As is usual the Dame hits the nail, with great accuracy and force, on the head. Ex officers like me see the sheer chaos that Council Leader Cockell has wrought on our Council.It is a tragedy of Greek proportions.

  2. Retired Chief Executive22 December 2011 at 12:55

    There is a question mark over Derek Myers, the Chief Executive.

    Of course his job is difficult and the challenge great, being an "actor" in between the officials and the politicians.

    But in the past year he has too often forgotten that he is responsible to all three political parties and his purpose is to serve residents. He is much too close to the Cockell bandwagon.

    On £250k per year, an absurd sum for any Town Hall employee to get paid and through the roof compared with other Boroughs, the man has shown himself to be greedy and out of touch with public opinion. He has ignored the call of the Secretary of State to take a 10% paycut.

    Myers hides behind his mantra of "I have a contract of employment and if you do not want me sack me". We have seen his sort before.

    He also has a duty of leadership to his staff - but is getting rid of them left right and centre, in the most awful "I'm all right Jack" fashion.

    3 out of 10

  3. Funny how Myers is the highest paid Cheif Executive and Cockell is the highest paid Leader.

    And these stratospheric pay levels were recommended by the "independent" London Councils when Cllr Cockell was Chairman.

    And then you compare the pay of the low level officer class in K&C and it is frankly terrible compared to other Boroughs.

  4. Kensington Resident22 December 2011 at 13:02

    It is heartening when I have to engage with officers on matters concerning council tax, parking, FOI enquiries, noise etc how often I encounter old world courtesy, friendly relations and a genuine desire to help

  5. Sad to say, it's all about maintaining the status quo, supporting the hierarchies, the rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate.

    NOT 'All things bright and beautiful', but a sad indictment of a feudal system that somehow prevails in the borough.

    Just look again at Rock FM's,the borough's 'bright new thing' wants to build model villages for the peasants at the bottom of his garden. Utterly vile.

  6. Rock FM is a symptom of the disease that is Pooter.

  7. It seems that K&C taxpayers are funding the cost of taxis for Cllr Cockell to go to work at his second place of work, the LGA.

    This is wrong.

    Pooter up to his old tricks and there will be a huge fuss about this.

    Note to Self. Remeber to check of Cockell is double claiming taxi fares from K&C and the LGA

  8. There is absolutely no doubt that a tight rein needs to be kept on Pooter.
    He has the very socialist impression that the taxpayer is there to fund his entire lifestyle. The idea of public service as being freely given was never something that Sir Pooter understood.

  9. So RockON FM works in a property development company...


    does he also sit on the planning committee at the Royally Rotten Borough...


  10. Up Yours, thank you for pointing out Coates' extreme vulgarity in putting all those letters after his name. Real sense of inferiority. I understand that with the exception of Poor Old Pooter and the 'Lady' Ritchie, almost all councillors at K&C have either degrees and/or professional qualifications, but Coates is one of the few councillors who needs to broadcast 'his letters' to stop his feelings of inadequacy.


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