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Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Rotten Borough Tells Mr Pickles To Mind His Own Business

The Dame has been impertinent and reproduced  extracts of Rowena's piece in today's Telegraph. 
Sadly she overlooked the Rotten Borough where the Council is sitting on £170 millions in Reserves!
Part of our £170 millions in Reserves

Soon after the Coalition came to power, Mr Pickles urged local authorities to dig into their “piggy banks” as more than 50 were holding more than £50 million in their bank accounts. However, K&C was immune to his strictures. In fact, Mr Myers went 'on the record' as saying how RBK&C dealt with Reserves was not the business of the Secretary of State. 

Grant Shapps, Mr Pickles' gofer and housing minister, previously accused Labour councils in particular of hoarding money instead of using the cash to keep public services open. Curiously, he too refuses to pressure Cockell. 

So what we have is an enormous windbag called Pickles whose demands are ignored by the Royal Borough of K &C. Odd when you think about it....  Pooter Cockell boasts of his close contact with Pickles as 2 day a week £53,000 a year chair of the Local Government Association. Still odder is that Baroness Hanham( Pooter's predecessor as K&C Leader) is also Pickles's Local Government Minister in the Lords.

As the Dame's favourite 'walker' the disgraced ex Mayor Barry Phelps is prone to say, 'you could not make it up'

Rowena Mason
By Rowena Mason, Political Correspondent

New figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government will today reveal that local authorities are likely to have £10.8 billion in reserves by March – an increase of around £240 million on the previous year.
Councils are advised to keep sufficient sums of money in reserve so that they have a financial cushion to meet sudden unexpected costs.
But the extent of the cash piles may cast doubt on complaints by some local councils that they must make deep cuts to public service and cannot afford to freeze council tax.
Eric Pickles, the Local Government Secretary, last night said councils would have “room to manoeuvre on their finances next year” because of the huge amounts of cash on their books.
He claimed councils had been making “political cuts” that were “totally unacceptable” while sitting on vast cash reserves.
The new figures show that some of the biggest increases in reserves came from Labour-led Wakefield Council, which is expected to have more than doubled its cash pile from £21 million to £51 million by March.
Meanwhile, Labour-run Bolton Council is likely to have tripled its reserves £23 million to £81 million.
Emma Boon, campaign director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said councils should be easily able to freeze council tax given the level of reserves.
"Given the amount of reserves councils are sitting on they should at the very least all be freezing council tax this year, and many could go further,” she said.
“Local authorities could help households struggling to pay council tax, which has almost doubled in the last ten years, but instead many are hoarding large sums of taxpayers’ money. Councils should review the level of reserves as some have put aside far more as a percentage of their spending than others.”


  1. The Rotten Borough thinks it is a lwa unto itself and that rules are for the other councils. Pickles is too weak to insist on them towing the line.

  2. It is headline news in the Telegraph that more than 50 Councils are hording £50 million plus in reserves. The Telegraph rightly points out that this is a scandalous state of affairs in the current climate.

    The writer must have been asleep because she missed the fact that K&C is sitting on nearly £200 million of reserves from overtaxing hard pressed council tax payers. The reserves would of course have been triple this amount if the vanity projects like Holland Park School rebuild (£100 million and not a single extra space) and Exhibition Rd "shared space" (£24 million to import pink marble from China) and all the other profligate excess was factored in.

    But then we know that Cllr Cockell's Hornton Street is a law onto itself. What he wants is what happens - not what the rest of the country is doing or what the residents want.

    Curious why Pickles et al turn a blind eye. Building favours no doubt. As we know, this is the Tory way. What is Cockell lining up for them?

  3. Pickles is a busted flush. Pooter figured this out ages ago.

    Derek Myers follows in the wake of Pooter and he waves two fingers at the Secretary of State, just like his Master

  4. I wonder WHY the local papers are not questioning this on their front page? Spineless bunch.

    I am not sure that local people know this, but they certainly need to, especially as they intend to hack away at services for vulnerable people in 2012.

    A revolution is needed. Its a case of Lardy Pewker and his gang balling 'let them eat cake'!

    The recent visible signs of them trying to tighten their..sorry our belt....rubbish on the streets, less collections so that we notice they are doing something! They think we are idiots.


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