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Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Senior Officer Writes.....

A senior officer has commented- and it caused the Dame such mirth- she felt compelled to bring it to wider attention.

Dear Dame

I think you have allowed yourself to be influenced by his Lordships fine vintage port, courtesy of the K&C council tax payers. 

 Left: Lord Pooter's port decanter engraved with the newly devised  Pooter armorials

Did he offer it to his mystery guest in New York too? I am sure his Lordship cannot remember, he never does. But back to business. All a bit like the Mikado. There is no doubt that Sir Pooter and Snitcher Palmer must go, sorry if you promised his Lordship to exclude them, a mistake. Two of the most unpleasant people you could ever have to deal with and Cllr Ritchie, useless, lazy and expensive, a real burden on us officers. All of them unpleasant to us with it. After that Sir Useless and Nasty Coates Bt. Certainly Councillor Moylan, also unpleasant to officers, none of them will be missed. But I refuse to be selfish and your other readers should have their say too.


  1. it is quite disgusting that Pooter uses our wine cellars to entertain the horrid Dame. It strikes me that the Dame is getting above herself. How dare she critique Cllr E Campbell. OK , she is not bright but her husband is very rich and donates vast amounts to the Tory party. That is good enough for me....

  2. E Campbell thinks she is the new Thatcher. She isn't. She is all fur coat and no knickers - if you understand the term.

  3. It is ill-advised to disrespect the Dame. She has spies everywhere.


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