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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

"Cllr Palmer" on Facebook

The Dame was amused to see that Cllr Roundell Palmer has joined Facebook. He titles himself 'Cllr Palmer"!!!

Currently he has no friends listed but that is not news. The Dame notices he says he is 'stuck in Sharma-el-Sheik.' Now that will bring much joy to many. But calling yourself  "Cllr" on Facebook must be a First....what a pretentious fool.


  1. Well Palmer didn't do too well on The Apprentice, shall we send him to Tool Academy now?

    It's the place of last resort for hopeless cases.

  2. I heard that he was in Egypt on the trail of the Dame...wearing his sleuthing hat!

  3. Here is how Cllr Palmer describes himself in his profile under the Work and Education heading: "The Most hard working Councillor in the Royal Borough"

    What a modest chap he is!

  4. Please stay there "Cllr" Palmer

  5. The more "hard work" Cllr. Palmer does, the better. Every time he coms into contact with the voters he alienates them, so things are looking good for the next Council election.


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