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Monday, 5 December 2011

Pooter Cockell Defends His Wastefulness

The Dame had her attention drawn to a nonsense letter from our man of business, Pooter Cockell.
We should be very wary of Pooter's business judgment: his track record is not comforting. The two companies he worked for are now defunct in odd circumstances. His decision to lose taxpayers close to a million pounds on Chelsea Care is emblematic of the Cockell approach to business.
He talks utter rubbish about the potential of Exhibition Road to expand economic activity. Of course, it won't. Like the tens of millions spent on Holland Park School the near £40 million spent on Exhibition Rd will do nothing for economic activity.
The main beneficiary will be the Chinese who flogged us the granite. Oh, and the other beneficiary will be the pompous Pooter. Pooter can now boast to his friends about how he splurged millions of our money to boost his fragile ego.
As for lending the near billionaire Terence Conran nearly £4 million of unsecured taxpayers' money at 3% interest-it just beggars belief.
The only thing Cockell succeeds in doing is wasting our money. At the last count he has burnt through over £100 million of it just when the UK economy is in it's direst state.
And claiming that the development of Earls Court is something he has had a hand in....well
I rather think Capco, the owners, will be having a good old laugh at Pooter's presumption.

Left: Cockell...good at wasting our millions

Thank you for your balanced coverage of the decision by the Council's Cabinet to offer the Design Museum a loan ('Council puts business before people in need' 25 November 2011).
As June Knight acknowledged, we want to help the Design Museum in part because it will bring more visitors to the area and secure the High Street's viability, as well as increasing employment.
There is not a lot the Council can do directly to help those on low incomes - though we will keep Council Tax low and will continue to pay benefits promptly.
But we do have a role in the economic development of the borough: from the investment in our streets - most recently Exhibition Road - to the ambition of a Crossrail station at Kensal, through the new academy in North Kensington and major plans for Earl's Court, we are fully engaged in making the borough a better and more prosperous place to live.
Yours faithfully,

Councillor Sir Merrick Cockell,

Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


  1. As usual the Dame pulls no punches. The idea of Cockell boosting the local economy is as futile as his ludicrous Wedge-another £300,000 down the Swanee

  2. Pure hubris from a bird brain Cockell

  3. The Chinese stone grates a bit

  4. "There is not a lot the Council can do directly to help those on low incomes"

    Complete bollocks.

    How about not closing day centres?
    How about not removing social care for those in need?

    Need I say more?


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