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Friday, 9 December 2011

Malc Rifkind says EVERYBODY needs Winter Fuel Allowance

The Dame was interested to read of the Borough wide initiative to persuade those not needing a Winter Fuel Allowance to donate to those who do: particularly important in RBK&C for fuel poverty here is a major issue. So the Dame was even more interested to read of a response to a resident who wrote to Sir Malc Rifkind asking why the Government was dishing out these allowances 'willy nilly' to those without need. There are millions of OAPs living in sunny climes who cannot possibly be suffering fuel poverty.

 Left: Malc asks what is a Winter Fuel Allowance

Malc is a very busy man with little time for silly things like 'surgeries' for his constituents:but then why would he? After all, his 'collection' of non exec directorships-with some very curious companies-plus his journalism, and the fact that his base is Edinburgh, leave little time for irritating constituents.

So how did Malc respond to the eminently sensible suggestion the Government 'monitor' those who receives the Allowance? In precis Malc implied the Government have no intention of doing so and everybody needed a WFA. So that alright then!

Clearly, he has not read the local paper campaign. But then again why would he? He has far more important things to worry about.

It's really time Malc made way for a younger and more committed replacement. And preferably one who actually lives in the Rotten Borough.

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  1. Like his great mate Pooter....well past the sell by date. Time to piss off back to your adopted city of Edinburgh.


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