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Friday, 2 December 2011

The Prout and Pooter Show Goes Badly Wrong

left: Prout creates a Rout
The unlamented and unqualified David Prout who gained the reputation as a less than useful Rotten Borough planning chief( he moved before his uselessness was outed) became director-general of Localism at the Communities and Local Government Dept. No one is quite sure what he does for his £200k a year salary but making very foolish comments would seem a job he excels at. But then having spent years working for the idiotic John Prescott something is bound to rub off!
Speaking at the local infrastructure body Navca’s annual conference in London yesterday (22 November) he came out with the gem that councillors were actually volunteers!
Sajid Hashmi, chief executive of Voluntary Action Stoke-on-Trent, said he was alarmed by the comments and could not see how councillors could be part of the voluntary sector. Prouts' comments were greeted by some gasps of disbelief and gales of laughter among delegates
Fortunately-or perhaps not so fortunately, Sir Pooter Cockell was in the audience and we all know what a big volunteer he is. Firstly, he 'volunteers' for a £70,000 a year allowance as RBKC leader and then 'volunteers' for a further £53,000 as chairman of the Local Government Association.
Coming to the hapless Prout’s defence Sir Pooter- tongue in cheek, said

"It worries me that in an audience like this, there is suspicion about the motives of councillors," he said. Most councillors, said Cockell, came from community activism backgrounds. Or like him are failed businessmen who can't find any other income generative source.
We all know the only activism that Cockell knows is getting a level of allowance to ensure he lives 'on the hog'. And on close to £130,000 a year he does just that.
Sara Ruiz director of Newham Voluntary Sector Consortium, quickly put Cockell right. She said it was wrong to describe councillors’ community service as volunteering. She said councillors in the London borough of Newham received annual allowances of about £25,000 on average and more than £50,000 in some cases. "That isn’t volunteering," she said.
It is fortunate she did not know about some of the other juicy £50,000 plus 'volunteer' councillor sycophants Pooter surrounds himself with.....


  1. the idea of Pooter being a volunteer and activist is just so incredibly funny. Even funnier is Shireen on over £100k being an activist volunteer.
    Is Cockell a bit thick?

  2. Yes. Pooter is thick.

  3. No pooter is not thick he is profiting from us taxpayers and we are letting him away with his spoils. It is time he was sent packing, we should turn the area around the town hall into a campsite until he and the rest of his nondescripts go, or how about a festive season pooter and the pirates out card.

  4. How on earth did Prout end up in a £200k per year job?


    Must be another Mason

  5. The Planning Department in the Town Hall is still staggering from the incredible backlog of work that Prout's mismanagement left behind.

  6. Management was never David's strong point

    Good brain, but best left in a quiet room with a good book

  7. Funny how Pooter always seems to be moving in rotten circles

    Friend and colleague of Phelps, Lamont and Daley. New York dinner companion ($416) of Clements. Supporter of Ritchie and sponsor of Palmer.

  8. Its a huge talking shop. An expensive one too.

    If we had the balls we could solve the economic crisis by getting rid of these people. The Greeks don't pay their taxes and the Italians don't work. We support highly paid posts for the likes of windbags like Pooter and Prout. And Cllr the Baroness Ritchie (lately of the Grand Met typing pool and failed Lib Dem)

  9. How is it possible to be a "failed Lib Dem" 17.12?

    Were they ever a success??

  10. Prout was very bright, but useless and chosen by the Great Architect just because he knew nothing about planning. He didn't learn too much while he was at K&C either, except that the time had come to get out. What a disaster it all is. He clearly had little idea that in K&C people become councillors to feather their nests rather than to help others.

  11. It is very very clear that booter has no notion of what volunteering is about. What an absolute insult to all the people who give up their time freely to support vulnerable elderly people, children, disabled and any other group that needs help. Booter and his gang do nothing for nothing, and if it seems free don't be fooled....there will be a payback in kind of something at some point. He needs go somewhere else preferably far away.

  12. passionate bystander - 2 days ago

    Interesting to note that under David Prouts shockingly (opportunisticly?) brief term of office - the planning department was transformed from "planning & CONSERVATION" into "planning& BOROUGH DEVELOPMENT"
    (see change of letterhead...without apparent notification, let alone debate or "CONsultation").(!)


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