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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Raised Voices and abuse of alcohol

The Dame's hubby No 5-before property billionaire No 6-was an ex Indian Army general so you can be sure that the Dame is pretty used to some fairly ripe barrack room name calling. However, even she was somewhat surprised to find it being used in the dignified setting of the council chamber. No....and by raised voices she is not referring to the squeaky speechifying of Cllr Lightfoot.

It appears that a senior councillor, and a noted 'great debater' became so angry and excited he used the most vulgar of terms to describe his opposite number on the Labour benches.
Yes, shocking stuff and the sort of language best kept to low class Handsworth 'boozers'......

Left: Irish Attack Dog

Anyway, overheard was an exchange between the Great Debater in full flow, and a member of the minority party. Evidently the Labour councillor had the temerity to ask the 'Great Debater' his position on the minimum wage: he replied, "mind your own f*****g business you c**t"
The Great Debater then went over to a bunch of fellow councillors to say how "rude" the Labour councillor was. Very odd coming from the coarsest and rudest bully on the Council.
The Dame can't think why asking such an innocent question should have ignited such a disgusting tirade: ironic coming from someone whose unpleasantness is matched only by the vile Brian Coleman, GLA


  1. Looks like pooter is not able to keep his poodles in order. It seems the great debater is not the full shilling, maybe Pooter would pay for a course of treatment in the Priory or doc Tannock could be called upon to cast out some of the skeletons left behind when the great debater came out of his many closet's.

  2. One wonders if the outburst was to cover up the possibility that Moylan 'forgot' to declare an interest as vice-chair of TfL in the debate, as TfL was name-checked as a well-known supporter of the London Living Wage.

    Moylan is looking more ridiculous than ever in his dual role, which brings conflicts every day. Can't we put him out of his misery, and insist he picks one (ie, TfL)?

  3. Some of the newer Conservative Councillors were genuinely shocked by Moylan's disgraceful behaviour and are beginning to wonder what they have got themselves into.

    Foreman may be an irritant but he is a very clever irritant and deserves better than that.

    And Moylan has brought the Council into disrepute - once again.

  4. Boodles members will read this with particular interest.

  5. Well Dame the problem is that the Conservative members don't like the idea that the Council has intelligent councillors. Most of the Conservatives are are unemployable, certainly most of the Cabinet. Foreman is an intelligent and successful lawyer. Palmer hates him and sometimes is unable to control his abusive outbursts during council meetings. Old Pooter hated Catherine Atkinson for the same reason. All very sad, particularly for the residents.


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