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Monday, 5 December 2011

Cllr Matthew Roundell Palmer Breaks Cover And Admits To Being A Council Security Guard

The Dame was amused to see that a 'Roundell' has commented. It has to be in house buffoon Palmer attempting to rationlise his weird 'photographic mission'.
One can see Palmer's fingerprints all over the comment. How? Because it makes no sense.
Why would a councillor be responsible for checking sickness records or ensuring there was no litter?That is a job for the security team at the Town Hall.
We know Palmer has little to do but surely this extension of his duties is a FIRST.
To remind you here is Cllr Roundell Palmer on his security guard duties.

left: Roundell Palmer checking for litter 

Roundell has left a new comment on your post "Cllr Palmer photographs striking RBKC Council Staff..":

I think its perfectly legitimate for the strikers to be photographed. In case there are any infringements onto council property, littering offences or damage to any council property. Or maybe to cross reference sickness records on the day.

If you have done nothing wrong why would you complain?


  1. This has to be an imposter. Even Palmer would not be so dumb as to write this

  2. I agree.

    He is a odious buffoon but this is not his handiwork. Not even he would be that stupid. It must be someone who is trying to get him in trouble. Keep going I say, but try to be a little less obvious.

  3. Anonymous 1 and 2. I think you are both wrong. This silly blog has all the usual finger prints of the great detective. So we know what to expect if Cllr Lightfoot becomes leader and gives Palmer the promised position of his Rasputin. Two very dangerous people.

  4. If Cllr Palmer seriously thinks that the Council's HR staff will cross reference his photographs with sickness records then he is living in cloud cuckoo land. If he demands that HR staff cross reference these photographs with personal records, then Mr. Bishop must publicly come to the defence of his staff and put a stop to such nonsense.

  5. Kensington Resident6 December 2011 at 06:32

    The perfect profile of a Peeping Tom

    Nasty piece of work

  6. What does Cllr Lightfoot see in this rodent? His judgement is deeply flawed which is alarming for someone who is in charge of the Borough finances

  7. Ah yes. Lightfoot the one with the face perfect for radio. Tried his hand at getting elected as MP, then attempted to get the nomination for Mayor of London. All failed.


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