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Monday, 26 December 2011

An Utter Disgrace

Congratulations to those two business bird brains Pooter Cockell and Paget-Brown.

Our Desperate shopkeepers looking for trade thought Boxing Day might offer some respite from the gloom; after all the Wedge Card championed by Pooter had been an utter £300, 000 flop so they expected a new brainwave from these two clowns whose business track records are notable for failure on an epic scale.
Driven By Greed
So what did the Pooter and Paget-Brown decide? To set the CEO's on hapless shoppers who thought they could park on single yellow lines. With idiots like these two running K&C no wonder the High Street is dying on it's feet. And the fine money raised will be spent on some other hopeless, money frittering scheme. What a pair of prats!


  1. The Borough has been asked time and again by traders to stop this utter stupidity, but Pooter is too busy with his other so-called 'jobs' to listen. In fact he is hardly ever seen in Hornton Street these days.

  2. It is as if Cockell wants to emulate Colin Barrow's mistakes while ignoring Colin Barrow's strengths.

  3. BAH HUMBUG! TYPICAL OF THESE MISERS. Especially since this money will go into the never ending paving fund which has a huge amount of money stashed in it already, not into vital services that keep ours (not theirs as they are all too busy in their holiday chalets or friends county houses) to be bothered about local people. OUT OUT OUT!. By the way how much have they now accumulated in their transport pot that goes nowhere?

  4. It is time that K&C traders started laying down the law to Cockell and Co: after all it is they and us the residents who pay them their bloated allowances. Frankly, the Cabinet would be unemployable in the private sector

  5. The money is needed to pay Cabinet SRAs.

  6. The good news is that the wardens were on the job again today, making sure that the riffraff don't come to shop in the Royal Borough on a Bank Holiday. I am sure that Up Yours would approve.

  7. This is all part of Pooter and Paget-Brown's fiendishly clever plan to drive away customers. Then, when the shopkeepers become so desperate and on the verge of ruin, they can be forced to take the dreaded and useful Wedge so vindicating Pooter's waste of hundreds of thousands of pounds.
    Competition theme...
    Which Cabinet member has ever run a business?


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