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Sunday, 4 July 2021


Down in Dungeness locals were astonished to see a stream of 'newcomers' exempt from any border controls sauntering past a nuclear power station and Derek Jarman's cottage. They seemed to have not a care in the world. INVASION 

It doesn't matter that this was filmed by Farage. 

What does matter is that this influx is happening on a daily basis as the people smugglers sneer at powerlessly pitiful Patel.

Ironically, the airport at Lydd is the base for a Portuguese company with a multi-million £ contract from Patel to operate drones over this stretch of the Channel: doesn't seem that they are having much success! 

All one can say is that with 'Churchill' Johnson and Pitiful Patel in charge during the last war the Germans would have had no problems dropping in.

Maybe another dodgy friend of Johnson is getting a backhander.

The Dame once went to a moving citizen-making ceremony at the Town Hall.

A group of people from all over the world was there to be granted citizenship. 

They had passed one test after another in order to obtain citizenship. 

How angry they must feel that there is one rule for them and another for those who flaunt the rules.

Patel is possibly the worst Home Secretary in living memory but then what can one expect from some third rate ex-PR account executive.

When Sunak takes over his hit list should be...Jenrick, Shapps, Williamson and Patel....the four DUDS now Hancock has gone.


  1. Invasion?? Hello!!
    Stick to slagging off the council

    1. Who the hell are you? It's the Dame' blog not yours and she can wander wherever she likes across the political landscape. Long live the Dame and sod off X

    2. Hear, hear! Gentle reminder that these men are not From our Commonwealth who have to struggle LEGALLY to enter Britain.

  2. 'Hello'? camp!

  3. The Dame doesn't listen to dimwits who use an X instead of a signature.

  4. Am I the only regular reader who wonders if there are not now two Dames, the original one still fighting the good fight against RBKC's worst excesses and contempt of residents, and another Dame, with a rather different writing style, who seems a tad obsessed with the, admittedly truly appalling, higher reaches of the current Government???

  5. I think the Dame is like a voice crying in the wilderness. In the days of Cockell she was a foghorn warning of corruption, abuse of power, nepotism, child pornography and worse. It has to be said that the Council of today is radically different.Maybe that is why the old thing is now seeing the same problems in the 'upper reaches'. Has anyone ever met the Dame? Some say she is a slightly nicer version of the ghastly American woman, Cllr Janet Evans who runs a seedy Dive beneath a seedy hotel in S. Ken. Could they be one and the same?

  6. The idiot Evans patronised the very successful residents of the Onslows with her dimwitted tweet...They would not be healthy if they visited her disgusting bar. Her tweet... "seeing our residents happy and healthy"....OUR RESIDENTS? Who do you think you are, idiot.


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