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Saturday, 17 July 2021


Fit & Proper or Fat and Greedy?

This is the chairman of Thames Water, Ian Marchant. 

Marchant was once boss of the trickster Perth-based power firm SSE fined £10m for extreme malpractice.

SSE customers were deliberately tricked into paying more for gas and electricity in a racket branded fraud by MPs. 

The question is how did Marchant, complicit in all this, continue his corporate rise?

Thames Water is a shoddily run company. 

It does as little as possible to invest in infrastructure. 

It cares little for its customers: it sees the customer as a mere milch cow. Its aim is to extract as much profit for Marchant and his board to pay themselves millions and their despotic and odious Chinese and Middle Eastern owners billions.

Thames Water has already started to distance itself from the horrific floods. 

The Dame hears that the insurance companies are looking to see what role Thames Water played in this catastrophe.

Thames Water immediately wasted time sending out a disclaimer to householders. (click to enlarge)

Felicity Buchan has said she wants to speak to Thames Water and Fatso Marchant. 

Felicity, we want you to pursue Thames Water like a Jack Russell after a pack of rats. 

Let's hope the insurance companies turn their guns on Marchant and his greedy board. 

The Dame smells a class action....


  1. Flooded Anonymous17 July 2021 at 15:01

    The council did not help in this situation either. They direct you straight to Thames Water who in turn send you back to the council.

    During the flooding, nobody was available, but 5 hours later they came to unblock the sewers and two days later still, both the council and Thames Water sent people around the worst affected areas to say that they weren't liable but that they'd be happy to help clear any mess... how considerate!

    We've had over £1,300 of immediate expenses for electricians, cleaning crews and laundry services... with a little forewarning we could have had sandbags out to stop the flooding, and with the drains being cleared we may never have even seen a flood in the first place.

    1. Ah - the myth of the sandbag. It is impossible to build a sandbag wall without interstices between bags where they meet, which the water will relentlessly seek out and enlarge. Yes, everyone uses them (perhaps it is a remnant of the war), but actually they are just an emotional prop which is useless - ask anyone who tried used them in the recent river flooding up and down the country.

  2. If ever a company deserved to be sued, sued, and sued again it is the absolutely appalling on every level Thames Water.

  3. Not sure about the 'fit and proper' He looks well unfit with multiple chins and fat gut

  4. Thames Water is basically PR driven

  5. Clear The Swamp17 July 2021 at 19:30

    Thames Water has been a conspiracy against customers for far too long. If Felicity Buchan takes up the fight she will find massive support from residents.

    The Venture Capitalists need to be taught the lesson that public services and utilities carry heavy social responsibilities. It is not just a game of profit and loss and greed.

    Chairman Marchant needs a public flogging.

  6. Felicity swinging the cat! mmmmmmmm.......

  7. My public relations team has drawn my attention to this blog and the highly defamatory article. I can assure you that my legal team will be seeking a retraction and apology plus a substantial donation to my foundation. I will not stand by and have my record as a corporate leader of distinction sullied by some local blog.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This is Marchant being quoted, ""However, I feel deeply ashamed that a company I've been involved in, where I've been proud to be a leader, was involved in something that it should not have been. Absolutely, it's something that I'll regret for the rest of my career." No, he not talking about the disaster that is Thames Water but the disaster he oversaw in his previous role as CEO of the swindling SSE.

  10. This is how the Times reported Fatso's appointment...."Britain’s largest water company has long been a magnet for criticism of the privatised industry for its opaque overseas ownership structure, huge dividends to foreign shareholders, excessive pay of executives, low taxation and scandals around human effluence in the Thames and leaking pipes" T


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