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Sunday, 2 May 2021


Justin Downes wrote this below on Nextdoor. 
In a New York Second Nextdoor management removed an entirely factual statement about its intrusive and probably illegal harvesting of personal data relating to its millions of members. 
Particularly upsetting for Nextdoor's VC owners was Downes's suggestion Nextdoor and its data could be sold to the Chinese government.

Downes has now been banned from Nextdoor proving this organisation likes to live in the shadows and hates free speech.

"I am very worried about this site and so should all of us. 


My original perception was that Nexdoor was some sort of quasi philanthropic community asset: it is far from being that. We should all know who is behind it. Here is some stuff on the founder, Nirav Tolia HORNET'S NEST  who was convicted of leaving an accident he caused and who has just sold $100m of shares in Nextdoor to a group of US venture capitalists. This allowed him to sell his $25m Pacific Heights home and upgrade to something more palatial without anybody 'nextdoor'! But we all need to ask why some of the hardest nosed VC's have bought into Nextdoor when there is no obvious income stream. The answer is because of YOU; you are the product and you are very valuable. There are millions of Nextdoor members and the information on each of us is of high value to advertisers and governments. That is what makes Nextdoor worth billions. Having written this I will be kicked off but remember this company and the information it holds can be sold to China or any other country which exploits personal information for nefarious purposes. Just be warned. Nextdoor is not to be trusted...."


  1. The Dame will not accept any invitations to join this dangerous organisation and warns readers to avoid Nextdoor

  2. Giving any personal data this bunch of Sillicon Valley spivs is as silly as giving scammers your bank details.

  3. The other thing is that it is totally inane most of the time. Lost cats and questions like where do I get XXXX?. And all other kind of boringness. I use it as one of the outlets for posting local information about things. But beyond that it is dull, dull dull and often stupid.

  4. And another thing - it is a prime example of 'divide and conquer', there is no way of contacting people outside your 'neighbourhood' - as far as you are concerned it is an entirely local blog about as big as a ward; you wouldn't know it in fact spread far and wide. So if you, for instance, wanted to collect a sample of other members' experiences of it over the whole of London, you couldn't.

  5. This information is plenty alarming


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