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Thursday, 27 July 2017


Have your voice heard by signing-up as a member of Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. It costs nothing and you'll have the opportunity to shape the services the hospital provides to the borough. The LINK. 

In addition, you'll get invitations to health talks and social events at the hospital. 

It's important to be involved even in a small way to make sure we get the services we need when we need them.
If you have some spare time the hospital would love to have you as a volunteer helper. 
It's a rewarding activity in great company and really does make a difference. Details on the membership link.


  1. For more information on 'Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust': (1) The organisation: (2) The 'Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17' is available at: [P150 for RBKC ASC&H Scrutiny Committee's Statement on the Quality Account.]

  2. The north of the borough is serviced by St Mary's Hospital. However, the Paddington Cube development road layout could hinder ambulances. St Mary’s and London Ambulance Service are unhappy about the route having "two 90-degree ‘blind’ corners”:


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