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Thursday, 6 July 2017


The cruel irony....Opera Holland Park is holding a fund raiser for victims of Grenfell!

This third-rate opera company has been never made a profit and cost residents of K&C millions of pounds in subsidy; money that could have been used to benefit the less privileged.
For years, the Dame asked why a local council should be wasting money on an opera company.
On another matter, the Dame sees that lies continue to pour from the mouth of the new leader.

She claims she broke her holiday to come back to London.
No, she didn't. 
She broke the sabbatical granted to her so she could help hubby, Colin, manage the America's Cup.


  1. HPO has been described by one who knows as "Opera for people who know nothing about opera." Quite!

  2. Just watched Elizabeth Campbell on BBC London News. She was total cr*p. Still claiming that RBKC is a great local authority. Worse than useless!

  3. I notice taht none of the Cabinet have agreed to donate their vast allowances to the Grenfell fund...all mouth and no trousers

    1. Is there a new Cabinet? Have names been announced? The Dame has warned Campbell to ditch the Cabinet system and replace it with the tried and tested Committee system.

      Airhead Campbell should wake up and realise that she ignores the Dame's wise words at her peril.

  4. Was this one a Council Nominated Non-Executive Director of the TMO back in 2008 along with Councillors Condon Simmonds and Dent Coad.

    Was Camplbell disparaging about the tenants who rebelled against the TMO at a meeting in 2008?

    Oh memory my fond deceiver, do you serve me well

  5. I trust the Dame fired off a barbed missive to Mr Osborne for what looked like a fawning advertorial for Dizzy Lizzy in yesterday's Standard? A fundraiser at HPO? The irony! How about one set in the Revolution when the sans culottes rise up against their out-of-touch overlords and the guillotine looms? Andréa Chenier by Giordano, maybe?

  6. I recall the late 1690s when I was but a bairn in the Kingdom of Fife. In the aftermath of the murderous outrage at Glencoe, my auld mither seth to me "laddie, ne'er trust a Campbell, nae matter how fair!"

  7. RBKC website is currently down.

  8. Bruno de Florence7 July 2017 at 13:19

    Is it a revolt?
    No Sir, it is a revolution.

  9. This sinking feeling7 July 2017 at 13:43

    "Kensington and Chelsea is supposedly a flagship council. You know, what flagship? The Titanic?"

  10. Person Familiar With The Situation7 July 2017 at 15:22

    Civil war has broken out in the Kensington and Chelsea Conservative Association. At a closed meeting this week Chairman Cllr Julie Mills came under heavy and sustained attack from Cllr Ahern and Cllr Freeman. Cllr Ahern accused the Chairman of calling an improper meeting and Cllr Freeman accused the Chairman of being rude and out of touch. New Leader Cllr Campbell was making mischief and seeking to exploit the situation and MP Greg Hands looked on in bewilderment. To put it bluntly, there were several shouting matches. A new and novel event for the stick in the mud Tories.

    The Titanic is about to break apart.

  11. Cllr Campbell was extremely rude and offhand with at least one Association Official - telling the Official that she was too busy for small talk because she was tired and spending all her time at Grenfell Towers.

    Pigs will fly.....


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