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Friday, 14 July 2017


Palazzo Hornetto, Portofino

The Dame is angry.
Why has no one told her about the RBK&C EGM?
It really is not good enough. 

Can whoever knows bring the Dame up to speed.
At ninety-three she cannot do everything and she is trying to have some 'me time' at her humble little abode.


  1. There is a meeting next week, Weds 19th: is this the EGM?

  2. This meeting seems to serve several purposes. Item 2 replacing Paget-Brown as leader; item 3 swapping fall-guy Nicholas Holgate for Barry Quirk CBE to run the officers; and various petitions and motions.

    The new Leaderene-elect is in some senses a fresh face. But in reality she is tarred by the same brush as all the other cabinet members. She had scarcely left the previous cabinet, supposedly on a special 'sabbatical', than she was dragged back when Paget-Brown was forced to resign. Any examination of her past record will show she is not up to the job, and her recent public comments merely confirm this.

    Holgate was weak and ineffectual, a decent person but easily manipulated by the executive officers and by the elected deities. In reality, his crime was to allow the existing rotten culture to continue, and not to confront it. That alone merits removal, the awful Grenfell was the dreadful spotlight which brought all the corruption into plain light.

    This meeting gives every impression of the existing regime trying to perpetuate itself. I can't at this stage pass judgment on Quirk, RBKC isn't Lewisham, but I do find his own website a tad weird and self-serving:

    Why oh why can't these morons read the Borough's mood correctly? 6½ years of the Dame and her hornets should count for far more. In an essentially multicultural borough it is surprising that it is run by such mediocrity that it takes something like Grenfell to make things happen. And Grenfell should never ever have happened. It is the result of the conspiracy between the unaccountable housing 'cabinet' and the tenant-hostile TMO. Even the died-in-the wool borough tory voters are realising their elected officials are useless.

    One is forced to the conclusion that the only way forward is to adopt the suggestion in the petition that every member of the cabinet, including the members immediately prior to the recent reshuffle, must resign. Resignation should be immediate and complete, they must all step down from their Wards and cause the necessary by-elections. Resignation from the amorphous 'Cabinet' is utterly insufficient, as is awaiting next year's elections. There is no way anyone who has been a cabinet functionary can ever expect to regain public confidence.

    The swamp must be drained. Meanwhile Cameron's appointment falls away and Quirk's confirmation must be put on hold until the newcomers are in harness.

  3. It must be checked out before residents go to the Town Hall, but it seems there's a council meeting next Wednesday evening at 6 or 6.30pm to confirm the new Leader etc. Then the new Cabinet will be appointed. RBKC so clearly doesn't understand that it's not business as usual. Grenfell Tower burned down with sleeping children inside it. Everything has changed!

  4. The whole lot MUST RESIGN, as they are implicated in this dreadful fiasco/inferno by ASSOCIATION... that is enough to bring criminal proceedings, I think.

  5. Not a very impressive performance by Barry at the recent 12 July Grenfell Community Public meeting at St Clement’s Church

    But at least Silly Lizzie got the "buffering machines" (19:26) in for the Estate clean up.......


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