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Monday, 3 July 2017


No councillor is more hated by colleagues and residents than Daniel Moylan.
He cares for nobody but himself. 
He will stop at nothing to grab the £75,000 a year, plus expenses, leadership job.

The impression he tries give is of some new, untainted face. 
Well, he's not. 
For many years he was a Cabinet Member and Deputy Leader until, with much relief, he was shunted off to TfL where he wreaked havoc.

Whilst Deputy Leader he was responsible for the £27 million 'white elephant' Exhibition Road fiasco. 
He was also the man who signed off the millions wasted on Holland Park Opera and the £100 million Holland Park School which should only have cost £45/50 million

Then he asked to run the Olympic Legacy Park....from memory, Stuart Corbyn, the ex Cadogan CEO, gave him his marching orders after a few weeks. 
Was he paid £100k to move on? 
That's the question insiders are asking.

But, reading between the lines of the quote given to the Standard, Moylan is trying to use the tragedy to boost his leadership chances.
To use the tragedy of Grenfell Tower to manoeuvre himself into the job shows what lengths he will go to.
What a prick! 
He has as much of the stench of the rotten past as the others.

Daniel Moylan said: “The council must be very clear that it needs to apologise to the people it has let down and it needs a radical break from the past.
"I think that would be very difficult for a person who was a member of the cabinet when the Grenfell Tower refurbishment was approved and supervised."


  1. A more blatant attempt to use the fire cannot be imagined.
    Moylan has the morals of a tomcat and that's unfair to tomcats

  2. Anyone but Moylan means ANYONE BUT MOYLAN! He's the bitterest of men seeking vengeance on society for a lifetime of failures. His failures. For several years he was uncontrollable as cabinet member for planning. He's the last person in the world who should be responsible for the care of the bereaved of Grenfell.

  3. Moylan: Heroic actions by individual council offiers.

    OH Puleeez! They were nowhere to be seen. Where were there?

  4. You would have thought a man with Moylan’s background the son of an Irish immigrant who worked as a bus driver in Birmingham would have empathy with the poor people of Grenfell. In all the literature published about this chap online there is not one mention of his background. I find that very puzzling.


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