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Monday, 10 July 2017


A comment upon Cllr Mason's mishap suggested we were very lucky to have Cllr Beinazir Lasharie as she was on 'our level'!
You can judge for yourself here VILLAGE IDIOTS
How insulting for residents....
Cllr Lasharie is one of the dumbest people ever to have been elected to the Rotten Borough...
Her colleagues have to endure her crassness wondering what idiocy she will come up with next.
She needs to get together with Cllr Matthew Palmer. 
It would be a great music hall act!

She has two main claims to fame...

  • she was on a sexually exploitative programme for the ignorant masses called Big Brother but kicked out after three days for sheer awfulness.
  • She was convinced that Mossad had organised the 9/11 and is borderline bonkers. 
The Dame thought only the Tories came up with idiot councillors but the prize now goes to the Labour Party.
After her anti-zionists rants the LP reluctantly suspended her.
The Dame says reluctantly and she means it.
You can read about this dimwit HERE

Now, wait for the idiot to call the Dame racist!


  1. Where does one start with a person like this? She starts her tirade with the words "I am not a politician". Then why on earth did she stand for election? Why does she draw a politician's salary? Why does she sit on political committees? Why does she call herself Cllr Lasharie?

    The young lady needs to sort herself out. Is she also a puffer like fellow Councillor Rock Mellen?

    1. Resident (Tory)10 July 2017 at 22:30

      As a Ward Councillor, Ms Lasharie should try to understand the needs and wishes of her residents and represent these needs and wishes in Hornton Street and argue for policies and strategies that respond to these needs, and understand the constraints that exist. Hopefully what comes out of the discussions will be a fair and reasonable compromise for everyone.

      And then she has to talk to her residents and explain why things are as they are.

      And residents have the responsibility to vote Councillors out of office if they are a waste of time. Residentsdo badly on this score. Only 30% bother to turn up and vote at elections.

      Is it possible that she is failing to do her job properly? Or does not have the intelligence and empathy to do the job? In which case she should move over and let someone else try to do the job.

      There is another big alternative. We could have a revolution and decide to live like they do in Saudi Arabia or Syria. I prefer not to.

      Out of all the parties, I choose to be a Tory. I am pretty pissed off with the Hornton Street Tories and have been for a long time. I do my best to change things.

    2. Lasharie = Blakeman + nepotism

  2. Is there anyone left in the world who are cllr worthy for you Dame? It seems some people needs to catch-up on the truth about the Islamic State. Might I add, I have nothing against Jewish, muslim or black people, majority are good people imo.

    1. 21.39, please post a short paragraph on the Islamic State. Please tell me (us) what we need to catch up on.

    2. For the benefit of the Dame's sane readers it might be necessary to explain that 21:39 thinks that Mossad are running ISIS. It's very clever stuff.
      Lord Rothchild is also funding ISIS. It's a Jewish plot to get their hands on the oil

    3. and who might Cllr Worthy be?

    4. I didn't think Mosad was funding the ISIS Dame. Observer, it's best to do your own reading elsewhere rather than taking our words for it which may be biased. I'd say follow the money trail, it usually reveals the key players, same goes for Grenfell. If only free energy technology was allowed to be used but they had to cling on to oil wars. Let's get back on topic, shall we? We have enough scndals going on in our borough to keep us busy.

  3. The Dame has exposed another idiot Councillor - a person who is drawn to posing and gestures of flagellation.

    Politics is a serious business, for serious people, with serious intelligence and serious motivation. The likes of Lasharie constipate the political process. A true barnacle to progress.

    Move on girl. Today, if possible. Just go away and take yourself off to another life. You are adding no value in Hornton Street.

    1. She may not be adding any pizzas to the Horton Street clique, which itself is very lack luster affair. A good dose of Senatok is needed to purge the ghastly warren. so, dear humanoids, get of your arses next year and bother to vote these idiots out. Only you can do this.

  4. "a sexually exploitative programme for the ignorant masses." Big Brother? As its offshoot featured political colossus George Galloway, it is clearly a highbrow programme. I wonder if CBB's producers are on to Rock Paper-Scissors with a view to him appearing in the next series?

  5. It stands to reason that 50% of people are of lower than average intelligence. Should this portion of society be denied political representation?

    1. No one should be denied political representation. In practice the representatives need to be outstanding people. Ready to listen, able to understand and capable of fighting their corner. And also able to understand the wider picture and moderate views. And manage expectations where necessary. This is a tall order. You need to be a special and capable person to handle the job effectively. An outstanding person.

      We have to avoid Lasharie and Palmer types dressed up as Councillors. At all cost. In Kensington and Chelsea, both major Parties seem to have a habit of recruiting disaster candidates.

    2. Who suggests they are, or should be. Is your contention that that 50% should be represented by thicko's

    3. If voters want thicko's to represent them, who am I to complain?

    4. An honest thicko is a better bet than a dishonest genius. Now there are in fact no genius Councillors at RBK&C, but dishonest ones ...

      We appear to have plenty of the worst of all possible worlds - dishonest inhuman thickos.

  6. It makes me shiver to watch the video of Cllr Lasharie agonising for the camera. The performance of her life to grab attention and be part of the scene.

    So much more useful to residents if she had the skills to influence policy and strategy in Hornton Street.

    Has she made a difference? I doubt it.

    Does she feel important and famous? Almost certainly.

    A puffer.

    1. It's a bit difficult for any Labour or LibDem Councillor to influence policy and strategy in Hornton Street when the Tory majority on the Council is so large that they can quite simply ignore them. And that is precisely what they do.

      Take the time to pop down to the Town Hall from time to time and have a look at what actually happens. The cabinet and lead member system has effectively ensured that many decisions are taken behind closed doors and with as little public scrutiny as possible. Council meetings have more in common with student politics than reasoned debate. It's not about making meaningful contributions it's about petty point scoring and inflating your ego by "winning" over the opposition. It's corrupt and decadent and a very poor excuse for democracy.

      When the best democratic outcome you can hope for in this Council is that the one party (Tory) state appoint a remotely sensible leader one wonders whether it is really any different to living in China.

      But no. It's actually worse. That's technocratic government and our politicians are quite simply too stupid to be considered technocrats. Hence why we are in this mess.

    2. Exactly the same thing happens on Labour or Lib Dem dominated councils

    3. Yes. Clearly. Of course. Which is why when our wonderful Tories screw everything up they call in Labour-run Ealing to sort out the mess.

    4. Autocracy might be acceptable if the outcome is good for all, or at least for the many. RBK&C is not good for the many, let alone for all. It's good for a few, shit for everyone else.

    5. I cannot imagine Tower Hamlets ever inviting in a neighbouring council to sort out the endemic corruption in that council

  7. Dame,

    Having watched the video I'm not entirely sure you're barking up the right tree.

    Scratch that. You're barking up a very wrong tree.

    Cllr. Lasharie may not be the most intelligent and eloquent Councillor ever elected to the Council. But having met many of our Councillors she's not the least intelligent or eloquent either.

    That she claims not to be a politician is not damning. There are plenty of people who could do their borough a great service as Councillors who do not consider themselves politicians and have few if any "political aspirations". For such people being a Councillor would the means to an end - the way in which they might make a meaningful contribution to their community - rather than an end in itself or mere a stepping stone to a glorious political career. The Council would be much better off with many more such residents than many of the reptiles we currently have that are merely there to climb the greasy pole.

    And unlike many of those commenting on this blog Cllr. Lasharie apparently lives in close proximity to Grenfell Tower and was probably an eye witness to much of what transpired that night. Unlike many of those commenting here who merely woke up the following morning to news that "something terrible had happened up north" (some place they'd probably never been, just like our new illustrious leader).

    She may not be eloquent and may hold some barmy views (as does much of the majority party, to be brutally honest) but where this incident is concerned Cllr. Lasharie clearly speaks from the heart. Those commenting on that video on YouTube clearly see it that way. That you and many of those commenting on here do not says much more about you than it does about her.

    1. It is rather ironic that having previously proposed that Councillors should not be party political this blog is now admonishing one Councillor for stating that they are not a politician. Clarity of thought appears to be in short supply.

    2. Can you please concentrate otherwise the Dame will 'call you out'!
      The Dame has asked for an influx of independent councillors: clearly they will be politicians as they will make policy....rather different to a Party Politically dominated council.

    3. The Dame will be interested to hear of any member of the Majority Party holding views as barmy and malevolent as Cllr Lasharie.
      Cllr Palmer, perhaps?
      Was she speaking from the heart when she accused Israel of being behind 9/11?

    4. Cllr. Lasharie does not mention Israel or 9/11 in that video. The video is solely about Grenfell.

      Do you actually have any substantive arguments against what she has to say about Grenfell?

      It appears that you are intent on shooting the messenger because you just don't like the message.

    5. I would suggest that many of the views held by majority party members about the borough's poor and those living in social housing are far more barmy malevolent than anything Cllr. Lasharie might believe about Israel or 9/11.

      Those views lead to policy which has a well documented detrimental effect on hundreds if not thousands of the borough's residents on a daily basis. Those views are barmy because they demonstrate an extreme lack of empathy towards others. They are malevolent because they cause real harm. Whereas I suspect you'd have a hard time finding a single resident adversely affected by Cllr. Lasharie's views on Israel and 9/11.

      And that's before we move onto anything remotely technical about which many majority party Councillors believe they know it all but actually know very little or nothing at all. As they say: there is nothing more dangerous than a little knowledge and no appreciation of your own ignorance. They have very little knowledge indeed but are far too stupid and arrogant to appreciate how little they actually know.

      Such people are far more dangerous and there are far too many of them on the Council.

    6. NOT CLLR LASHARIE'S COUSIN12 July 2017 at 17:52

      So we take the cllr seriously because she didn't mention the Israeli's were behind 9/11. You sound as dumb as her!
      I don't want a nutter like Lasharie making up a lash up of the borough.

    7. So that's a "no" on the question of substantive arguments refuting her comments about Grenfell in the video? Thought as much.

      This is all just about killing the messenger because you don't like the message. Don't like it but can't do much to counter it. Intellectually weak and morally dubious. Sad.

    8. Only an idiot could take seriously someone who spouts anti semitic crap.

  8. Airheads are all very well and can help to pass the day at Chelsea dinner parties or North Kensington raves. But Airheads are ballast. They achieve nothing and do not carry society forward. They need to stick to raves and dinner parties and stop wasting everyone else's time trying to be a politician.


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