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Sunday, 30 July 2017



Dear Friends 

Our organisation is a registered company formed to fight against any reduction in social housing places on the Sutton Estate. Affinity Sutton applied in 2015 to pull down most of the estate and replace it with a mixture of luxury flats, “mews houses” and 146 fewer social housing homes. The application was refused by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea at the end of last year but Affinity Sutton are appealing – and in the process likely to cost a great deal of time and expense to RBKC when it has other, very serious housing matters to deal with.
If you have already commented on the application your original submission will have been forwarded by RBKC to the Planning Inspectorate, but a new submission direct to the Planning Inspectorate would help to strengthen the Council’s case. And, if you didn’t object in the first place but would now like to comment, the door is open to you until 18 August 2017.
The application was rejected on three specific grounds:
  1. The net loss of social housing.
  2. The architecture of the proposed buildings fails to contribute positively to the surrounding townscape.
  3. The impact of the development on the wider area is not properly addressed (this is a question of financial contributions by the developer).

The full report by Council is available at this  LINK

It records 354 objections (including from the Chelsea Society and The Victorian Society), 28 supportive comments and a survey conducted by the tenants association showing 80% of respondents in favour of refurbishment rather than demolition; in addition a petition against the proposal was signed by more than 1,000 people.

You can send your remarks to the Planning Inspectorate in one of two ways:
  • Online at LINK
  • By post to Room 3/26, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN
However you respond, it’s important to quote reference no. App/K5600/W/17/3177810 and to write before 18 August 2017.
We sincerely hope you will help us all improve our neighbourhood rather than disrupt and destroy it.
Yours sincerely,
Ian Henderson
Chair, Save the Sutton Estate
Registered company no. 9525564                                                                       
26 St. Luke’s Street, SW3 3RP


  1. The onslaught of social housing tenants continues.

  2. How many social housing properties have this council built in last 5 years in RBKC ?

  3. Not only how many social housing properties they have built, but also how many millions they received 'officially', meaning as RBKC and how much was paid to various individuals to sign off the various applications. The latter should be of greater interest to the fraud investigators.

  4. How many social housing properties have been demolished, sold, destroyed or otherwise removed?


  6. 1.2 Million properties have been lost under right to buy


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