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Monday, 3 July 2017


This is a list of all potential candidates for the leadership of our council.
The Dame wants what Ludo describes as 'peer group feedback' from as many residents as to who their preferred candidate would be.
Please ensure, dear Horneteer, that you circulate this far and wide and make your feelings felt by commenting.

At this disastrous period in the life of RBK&C we need all to consider who will serve us best. 


  1. Looks like a list of runners in the Grand National! Hopefully, Oily Moyly, Mrs Mills, Lightweight and Silly Lizzy will be among the mass pile-up of fallers at the first fence

  2. These people are virtually unknown in north Kensington. In descending order of dislike, Moylan naturally heads the list and NPB and RFM are excluded. So it goes like this:

    Moylan - the town hall bully. Anyone but Moylan.
    Lightfoot - money man, squirrelling away residents' cash while they die.
    Ahern - dim and bone idle.
    Faulks - dim.
    Weale - ditto.
    Campbell (B) - NPB's minder.
    Hargreaves - formerly human, till he saw the writing on the town hall wall.
    Mills - well meaning but lacking any vestige of political instinct.
    Campion - ditto but elderly.
    Allison - ditto but inexperienced.

    The rest are simply names. RBKC Tories are sclerotic. Grenfell burned. RBKC is incapable of running itself. Commissioners are the only answer.

    1. Coldridge - Nice But Dim. Warwick - should be having Tea at Her Majesty's Pleasure in my opinion . Campion - Knocking on Heavens door. Palmer - Blancmange . Mary Weale -Deaf. Condron Simmons - Mine's a large one .Moylan - not suitable to runs kids camps in South Africa allegedly . Lightfoot, Living in another Century. Spalding , Out to Lunch .In my own opinion .

  3. I can only comment on the Campden Ward councillors, as I don't know the rest sufficiently:
    Ahern - very idle and not very bright.
    Faulks - a total disaster and extremely dim.
    Freeman - the best of the lot, but I doubt he would be willing to take on the job.

  4. Rather than let them vote for each other, I think that we should all get a say.

  5. Well said. RBKC's councillors must resign en masse. We need government commissioners to help the Grenfell survivors into proper, local homes and services. More formidable still may be the job of cleaning up the piles of shi* in Hornton Street. New, younger candidates must replace the current bunch of party hacks in next year's local elections. Time is short, but anything is better than the current situation. Cllr Miss Doreen Weatherhead is sorely missed right now.

  6. Its all over for the lot of them . Only a matter of time before more backstabbing begins sic Moylans greasy performance on the telly, sticking the knife into Piggy thinking it would help him get the top job . It didn't fool anyone mate .

  7. Toxic Tories .

  8. This is like a line up for ' The Usual Suspects' .

  9. Yes, they're all just names. One tainted, all tainted as far as I'm concerned. They all need to go away, and when they've gone away they need to go away some more.

    Re: The one with The Allegations, should that not be pursued by anyone, if it's common knowledge among those in the know


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