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Monday, 3 July 2017


According to K&C officers Cllr E. Campbell is profoundly airheaded and easy to manipulate.
How can one take seriously a silly idiot who decides to leave her Cabinet post so she can, " take a sabbatical to help her husband organise the America's Cup.

The sooner this Council is put in to Special Measures the better for the entire population of Kensington & is rotten to the core and run by self-serving and ungifted amateurs.
As for the new Cabinet it will doubtless be stuffed with those she has made promises to....

God help us all!


  1. Group Suicide

  2. The stupid woman is going to call the Government and ask for help.
    If the Government has any sense it will tell her to bugger off and use the £300 million the Council has filched from taxpayers.
    Who the hell does the woman thinks she is?

  3. Last month, Cllr (E) Campbell's Cabinet post was clearly a part time and very optional activity. She was sufficiently dismissive of her job that she could decide to take a "sabbatical" to help her husband with his America's Cup hobby.

    But suddenly there was the unexpected chance of the £75k Leaders job to boost her £13k back bench allowance and incredibly, in the circumstances, she jumps at it.

    She is going to need some political cunning and some swift footwork to persuade residents that she is a serious person. The natives of North Kensington will scrutinise her with an unusual thoroughness. And beware, Ms Campbell, if it is discovered that you too are playing the Kensington dinner party game.

    It is proving difficult to shake off the puffer culture in Hornton Street.

    1. It is not as though she left to look after elderley parents or a sick child. She left for the frippery of yacht racing. Does not sound good alongside a supposed dedication to public service.

  4. Perhaps the load of no win no fee lawyers/high profile barristers getting involved, representing the Grenfel Tower fallen/survivors, will be looking at RBKC through a microscope, this could be a very temporary position, surely the good people of RBKC cannot be duped again by another inside job.

    1. Most of the Grenfell survivors are literally penniless as well as homeless. They have no choice but to engage no-win-no-fee lawyers. In response RBKC will doubtless spend a good chunk of its £300million reserve of residents' money engaging extremely expensive legal advice.

    2. I understand that many legal professionals have offered their services Pro Bono - for free....good on them and they should be helped as much as possible, by all of us, with whatever information we may think useful....

  5. CLLR PHELPS'S GHOST3 July 2017 at 23:20

    I understand Moylan withdrew and David Lindsay put himself forward

  6. Is it possible that D Lindsay is a chink of light at this dark time? Does he have what it will take?

  7. If, as you report, she left her Cabinet post to "take a sabbatical to help her husband organise the America's Cup"' (how very Marie-Antoinette!), let's hope this empty vessel quickly sinks without trace amid the flotsam and jetsam of Hornton Street - a murky, stinking swamp that urgently needs to be drained.

  8. Election of Campbell is nothing by arrogant posturing by the Council. Don't forget all those who have 'resigned' are still Councillors on full salary and expense...As I have said elsewhere, get rid of the ROTTEN core.... and start afresh - whatever it takes. Interesting debate on Victoria this morning...


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