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Friday, 21 July 2017


It looks like Holland Park Academy are going to be sued by a lady upset the school has forbidden her to wear a veil on school premises. LINK

The Dame imagines the lady will be seeking millions of pounds to assuage her severely damaged feelings.

Where will it all end. 
At a parent's meeting, it was made crystal clear the school was secular but clearly, the message did not get through to one parent!


  1. Idiotic woman and well done the HM of the school

  2. No sympathy for Holland Park Academy. Why didn't they offer to host a few classes from the Kensington Aldridge Academy - that has lost 5 pupils in the terrible fire?

    1. Compared to the other schools in the immediate area the response of Holland Park School to help displaced pupils from the Kensington Academy next to Grenfell Tower was non existent.

      The day after the fire, Cardinal Vaughn School took in the whole six form from the N Kensington Academy. Good Christian values in action.

      Shame on Headmaster Colin Hall and his Leadership team. Self interested Rodents who got a "free" £100 million school from discredited ex Leader Cllr Cockell and could not care less about anyone else except themselves.

      Birds of feather. But the wheel will come around. The Dame and her hornets sussed out Hall many years ago. Neighbouring residents of the school are still waiting for access to the swimming pool out of school hours - a promise by Colin Hall and a condition precedent of the planning permission. People like this should have no responsibility for educating our children. And of course the Council does not have the balls to enforce the law - too busy sucking up to property developers.

    2. Mr Angry from Tunbridge Wells22 July 2017 at 09:14

      Phew. Not even in Tunbridge Wells do we get so angry. 9.12 needs to calm down.

  3. Residents have the right to bypass Hall and insist that they get access to the pool. The Council should be able to enforce this condition.
    as for the veil: what about the 'integration' into the English society?

    1. Disgusted Resident22 July 2017 at 12:16

      The Chairman of the Campden Hill Residents Association has spent many hours in the last four years trying to engage with the school and the Council. It has become a battle of "who wears who out first". There is only one Chairman and he is quite old. But there are hundreds of pen pushers in Hornton Street and a determined Headmaster Hall intent on stuffing his neighbours.

      A poor outcome is anticipated by long suffering residents and ratepayers - who paid for Hall's £100 million "free" school.

      Disgusting. Disgusting.

  4. Try wearing a bikini in Saudi Arabia. Straight to jail or worse. We can learn a thing or two from the Muslim strongholds.


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