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Friday, 7 July 2017


London mayors are so third rate. Livingstone....Johnson....Khan.
What a shower....our great city has always deserved better than these political 'has beens' looking to make a lot of dough.
As far as the Carnival is concerned the survivors of Grenfell Tower should decide whether it goes ahead: not Khan nor Hands nor the Carnival organisers.

It's astonishing the Dame would even need to point it out!


  1. I am sure that EDC will expect to be consulted about carnival with her new important hat on. Being MP, a Golborner, egalitarian and all that

  2. THE DUKE OF OMNIUM8 July 2017 at 09:16

    I love the way that 'hard lefters' can have it all ways. EDC is deffo very, very posh and her kiddies have had a very,very posh education. And she is doing a Phd or something on Franco era architecture. Is she not from a very grand Spanish family?
    Anyway, it's good that our class are still able, in different political guises, to lead the proles to the sunlit uplands.
    Up the workers!

  3. The lot mentioned above are right to insist that the Carnival should go ahead as usual. There have been many discussions in the last over its route, as the venue is getting bigger by the year. Many of the narrow streets just cannot cope. But would a relocation destroy the 'spirit' of the event? Perhaps...
    The burned out Tower is an reminder as to what happened as a result of personal and corporate greed...

  4. unable, unwilling or incapable8 July 2017 at 11:42

    Joe says, we need to be on the case to the Council.
    Still struggling for simple basic needs like hotels..

    As it happens, I contacted TMO customer service and interestingly, it appears that they are getting help from other housing association to take the calls.

    1. struth ---- they have woken up, than....


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