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Monday, 3 July 2017


The Hornet's Nest always gets the scoops.

Sadly, this is one the Dame wishes she didn't have to pass on.

It has been decided by the Conservative Group that the next leader of your Council will be Cllr Elizabeth Campbell.

Campbell is noted for being involved in one cock up after another. You can read about her incompetence here. LINK

Around the world, our Council has become a byword for incompetence so one supposes that choosing Campbell to maintain the reputation is par for the course.

This is one of the worst decisions the Conservative ruling group has made: they will live to regret it.


  1. We will all live to regret it. She's been selected only because they don't hate her as they hate each other. It's exactly the same situation as the selection of Mrs May after the Brexit referendum fiasco. We all know what a success that's been!

  2. Despite the dead bodies of its residents stacking up in the mortuary, RBKC's tories still believe it's business as usual. They're wrong!

  3. A woman known only for failing to provide a decent service for transporting disabled children, is to RBKC's new Leader. They'd better give themselves planning permission to build a moat round the Town Hall. It's only a matter of time before north Kensington's revolting peasants march on it again. If the situation wasn't so tragic, it would be laughable.

  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !

  5. One word: 'Common Purpose' led. Search their agenda.

  6. How to differenciate sane and insane TMO residents/leaseholders.
    Ask if they think TMO is OK.
    If they say TMO is OK, after killing hundreds of people, then the person must be insane.
    Or is it a case long as I'm all right so far.... all is well?!

  7. 'Strong and Stable ' ahem .

  8. This isn't even a ' coalition of chaos 'as they all hate each other . Its just chaos . Time for Government commissioners to step in .

  9. Commissioners are inevitable. E Campbell is spectacularly useless; incapable of organising a cocktail party in a distillery. She was probably chosen because she's not actually hated, merely despised. Her qualifications are that she's blonde and doubtless knows which knife and fork to use at dinner. She'll be someone's mouthpiece. We'll know whose when the deputy leader "emerges." This exercise is reminiscent of the Papal court in the 16th century. A nest of vipers fighting over the spoils. In this case the spoils are our £300 million. Grenfell is history! It's business as usual in RBKC's Toxic Town Hall! That's until the Grenfell victims learn they've been mistreated again. Then we'll see how Ms Campbell copes with several hundred angry residents at her gate. Interesting times.

  10. So will it be the high road or the low road for The Campbells?

  11. Tonight's Evening Standard p.2: "Blaze Council Chiefs Face Row on Picking New Leader from Tory Inner Circle" Embattled K & C council chiefs were today embroiled in a furious row over who should lead the borough in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster. Conservative councillors are holding an urgent meeting tonight to select a new group leader after coming under pressure from the Government to speed up the process. Former chief NPG finally quit on Friday over the council's handling of the tragedy in which at least 80 people died and dozens were injured. Chelsea councillor Elizabeth Campbell, whose ward covers Sloane Square and the Chelsea Flower Show , is the favourite to take over as group leader.

    However, about a dozen backbenchers are understood to be angry that the existing cabinet is attempting to impose their own candidate on the beleaguered borough. Etc. etc.."

    Then up pops Moylan like a cork in the kitchen sink.

  12. Time will tell --- it depends on the plebs of RBKC to realize that they are taken for FOOLS....

  13. So Tory turkeys do vote for Christmas, it transpires. Bring on the mass cull!


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