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Monday, 3 July 2017


Parents have been in touch with the Dame to express grave concerns over two recent abduction attempts on young children.
One took place in Holland Park and the other in Elm Park Gardens when the lady in the picture below followed an au pair home and attempted to seize the child. 
Fortunately, a builder heard cries of alarm and chased the woman off.
The Dame has attempted to get a reaction from our local police force but they are all too busy to bother!
It might be sensible for carers to have personal alarms.
Come on, the absence of local newspapers the Hornet's Nest fills an important news source. 
It might be sensible for the police to use it constructively rather than ignoring it as the ramblings on an old lady!

Click to enlarge
Chased off.


  1. Buying/selling/abuduction of babies/pre-puberty kids...heard it all. Come on Dame, you should know why these things are allowed to happen.

  2. There have been similar episodes in Fulham .


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