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Thursday, 6 July 2017


Dear Dame

It appears that Eleanor Kelly is being parachuted into to look after our housing, regeneration and governance. 

She is chief exec of Southwark, possibly the most ruthless and rapacious regenerators in London. 
Opposition, starting with an escalation through to Sajid Javid's department's representative at the Westway Centre.

Eleanor Kelly is yet another overpaid local government manager 'on the take and on the make'. 
Her salary is close to £220,000 a medical cover, car, pension etc boosting it to nearly £260,000 a year.

Dame, please help fight this wrong-headed appointment.

Faithfully yours...

A resident


  1. Dear God, is there no one in the upper echelons who isn't a cunning spiv?

    Where have our fairminded statesmen and women gone? Are they all dead of old age or despair?

  2. Ms Kelly is the joint leader of the Grenfell Fire Response and Recovery Team; she is not part of the government task force coming in to look at housing, regeneration, governance and community engagement.

    She has been and is extremely effective in her current role .

    1. Ms Kelly, we all thank you for your six-pence worth of crap... If not Ms Kelly, it appears as such - another sycophantic Tory

  3. Me thinks that Ms Kelly is the ideal person to clean up and prepare the ground by eliminating any 'iffy' (yes, dear readers, I do like this word - rhymes with whiffy) suspect evidence of whatever comes to your mind.... The Team will them be presented with a totally different picture, well sanitized... In short, clever move by Rt Hon Sajid Javid...another Tory of course....


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