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Sunday, 2 July 2017


This reader's comment sums it all up....
But can Cllr Freeman be persuaded to stand in as a pro tem leader?

"Apart from Cllr Freeman, it seems there is no-one qualified to lead RBKC. 
This is the result of decades of excluding everyone of intelligence, integrity, competence or humanity from RBKC's toxic inner circle. 
If, at this time of catastrophe, one of the usual suspects is promoted to lead, RBKC will collapse within months. 
Then the UK's supposedly most prestigious local authority must be taken over by government Commissioners. 
The Tory Government's dread of taking such radical action is the sole reason it's not already occurred. 
Such action is the ultimate proof that years of cuts and lowering of traditional standards has finally done for UK local government. 
Self-serving cliques of like-minded white, males are a total failure. They result in dead residents. 
The only possible cure is a return to the old, open system of committees and committee chairmen coming together to run a Council. 
Action is needed not just in the Rotten Borough, but throughout the UK. 
Otherwise, we're lost. 
Anyone but Moylan"


  1. They are finished . They have jumped off the Titanic, are cruising along in their rescue 'launch' whilst all those around them 'drown '. Conservative Councillors this is not going to go away , this will not be swept under the carpet, for too long advantage has been taken of those less economically well off . They will have their say and they will see that this lot never wield power again in RBKC . Too scared to resign as Councillors as they know Kensington residents will vote anything but for them .

  2. exactly so - that's is why there must be extra-ordinary local Council elections, to get rid of off these ghastly people... The Commissioners must be appointed asap, to clean up the mess, if that is possible and participate in impartial investigation...

  3. Tenement fires killing hundreds of people happen in the third world. Yet it's just occurred in the wealthiest borough in the sixth wealthiest country in the world. This is not a terrible accident, but the inevitable result of decades of abuse by a small clique unable to see poor foreigners as human beings. The victims of Grenfell have the same rights as RBKC's gang of sexually ambivalent, ex-minor public schoolboys and failed property developers. Almost a month after Grenfell, survivors are still dependent on local volunteers. They must still beg for their rights. RBKC still ignores them. Instead, councillors are fixated on deciding which of their number will lead their future troughing. Every one of them must go. Mrs May must order in Commissioners without any further delay.


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