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Monday, 4 April 2011


Vote YES on 5th May, to make your MP work harder for your vote.

You can rank the candidates in order of your preference, or if you want to vote for just one then you can do just that. The AV system is the same one used to elect the Mayor of London and it will mean your MP has to work harder to get your vote.
  • Polling stations will be more or less the same ones you use for other elections
    but you can check here
  • You can vote in person at the polling station between 7am - 10pm; but make sure you are inside the polling station by 10pm or they will close the doors with you outside!
  • You can also vote by post or by proxy. If you have already signed up for this then you will get the necessary post/proxy forms sent to you. Otherwise, contact the council now to apply for an absent vote.
  • The council will send you a polling card to take with you to the polling station, but if you do not take it with you it will not prevent you from casting a vote.

The question you have to answer is

At present, the UK uses the ‘first past the post’ system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. Should the ‘alternative vote’ system be used instead?

and the answer you should say is "YES"!


  1. Full PR or nothing.

    That image aligning the 'No' vote with BNP is beneath you Hornet; shame on you.

  2. It's not intended to suggest anyone who doesn't support the yes vote therefore supports the BNP. I would have expected that you would have realised that.

    Curiously enough studies show that under AV it will not give material advantage to the BNP in that they still lack, thankfully, sufficient support to gain a seat under AV.

    Other studies also show that under full PR the process you are advocating it's is far more likely the BNP and other fringe parties equally distasteful may well end up elected.

    AV is a step forward so you should support it and maybe in the future PR may be considered.

  3. Is there actually a reason why people should vote 'yes' to AV, other than that it may favour the Liberal Democrats; or are you just telling us to and expecting us to follow orders? Very democratic.

  4. I susoevt the reason the Dame in her wisdom is suggesting support for AV is a good thing is that it is fairer-which may not be a quality you approve of !

  5. Congratulations to brilliant Hornets Nest for supporting the "yes" campaign.

    As well as being fairer, even in areas like K&C with massive Conservative majorities, a "Yes" vote will help to make the MPs a bit more accountable.


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