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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Councillor Awards 2011

The Hornet Prize for Double Jobbing goes to Cheesecake Eater Extraordinaire Danny Moylan.

The news tonight is that Bojo in City Hall has bumped up his role at Transport for London (TfL) from two days a week to four.

Danny may well think he is wonderful, but not even he can be in two places at once. Unless of course he wishes to have his TfL papers DHL'd over to Kensington Court, but that would just be extravagant now wouldn't it?

That means of course the people who elected him down in Queens Gate already short changed by two days a week, now face an absent councillor for double that, four days!

Of course though that didnt bother the Deputy Leader of the Council, who somehow managed to juggle his role at TfL, with his role as a ward councillor, with his role as a cabinet member, and of course buggering off to Thailand at the drop of a hat too. 

No wonder he needed so much time off.

Working on the assumption two-fifths of Moylans time previously was swallowed up by his TfL role, did that mean he received a pro-rata allowance from either TfL (who were getting 2 days work) or from RBKC that was getting two days less?

Of course not.

Does that mean now he is going to spend more than half of  week working for TfL will he get a bigger slice of the TfL cake?  

Oh yes, of course it does.

So therefore as RBKC is going to see less of him, (which lets face it for many in Hornton Street would be pleased about), does that mean he will be paid a reduced allowance?

Come on now. It doesn't work like that now does it.

There is no pocket as deep as the taxpayer's and how sad the passing of those days when councillors undertook public service for a meagre allowance. Now it seems to be about for how much the taxpayer can be screwed. Few private companies would be so sloppy with shareholder's funds.

Next month is that annual charade when Conservative councillors decide on a new Leader, though why they bother defeats most of us. The 'fait accompli' is in place. No one will risk their (SRA) Special Responsibility Allowance by posing the idea that maybe the residents deserve a change.

The interesting bit will be 'Danny Boy' Moylan. Moylan already picks up around £54,000 per annum for his very part time role at Hornton Towers.With the £75,000 per annum from Boris he has hit the Local Government jackpot. And don't be misled by the implied altrusim that by giving up the Deputy Leadership he will be making a financial sacrifice. 

Perhaps Sir Cockle will throw him an SRA or two to ensure that his rival does not lose out. So the question for Dublin Danny is how much will we residents be paying you? Come on give us a clue?

Congratulations Daniel on your appointment, you really do deserve it.
Lets see if you give the people who elected you what they deserve.

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  1. Please stop using that photo! It's giving me nightmares.

    Somehow it represents him all too well.


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