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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Reader Writes....

Dear Dame Hornet

Last night was a momentous occasion and, without seeming histrionic, a major shift in the fortunes of our wonderful Portobello Market.

You have wisely written about the threat to this unique and world famous antiques arcade. By now you, and all the loyal Hornet readers, will know that last night the Planning Committee,despite arm twisting by officers (we wonder why....) rejected the recommendation to allow seven day trading in the basement of the building. So now weekend trading only will be allowed.

The Planning Committee have shot up in every body's estimation. They asserted their independence, common sense and appreciation of the Borough's much loved Portobello Market. Thank you Planning Committee.

And thanks also to Dame Hornet. Throughout the campaign you have given us moral and practical support. We know that your wise words are read Borough(and outside) wide and your influence grows daily. You are a great bulwark against anti democracy and we need you, and your voice of reason.

A very loyal fan of the Dame.


  1. And well done to Marion Gettleson. There is no doughtier fighter for this unique piece of London than Marion.It is interesting that Planning Committee decision yesterday coincides with a the departure of Mr Moylan. Let us hope that we see an end to the endless kowtowing to big developers that so curiously marked the Moylan regime.
    The Hornet is certainly becoming a power in the Borough. We will never know the identity of the mysterious Dame but we do owe her a huge debt of gratitude. She is on the side of both the angels and the 'little people'
    Long live the Dame !!!

  2. early sign that Moylan has lost his grip on power

  3. At last night's planning meeting, Councillor Miss Doreen Weatherhead related to the committee the allegation that yellow planning notices put up outside Admiral Vernon arcade (Portobello Rd) kept disappearing most mysteriously. She went on to speculate whether the hidden hand behind the disappearances might not have been the same one responsible for snaffling leaflets informing the public about the upcoming planning meeting from the Information Stall in Portobello Rd last Saturday.

  4. Dear old 130 year old Dotty Weatherhead...
    Still she is doing well. Let's assume her that pension as a nursing orderly was £22,00 lump in her OAP at say, £7,000 and then £10,500 courtesy of us mugs and she is on a nice little earner

  5. Is it correct that the Dame plans massive leaflet drop in the RBKC so that all residents will now know of the Hornets Nest and the corruption so endemic in our council.
    That will be a very smart move and should send a shiver down the spines of councillors as the Dame becomes the voice of the people.


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