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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Council MeetingWatch

Tucked up with the hoi polloi, Hornet ventured along to the Full Council Meeting tonight and well, lets just say it it was consistent with most others she has attended in the last year or so.

Apart from Sir M of course, who almost toppled over when leaning back in that chair. Obviously his centre of balance has shifted - must be a great weight off his mind from somewhere....      ....H wonders what that could possibly be......

Many Tories spent more than half the meeting Blackberrying, Moylan amongst them. A gloat were chatting to  fairly loudly so they could be heard above the monotonous drone of the others as they got up to speak one by one. Not that anyone else was listening or even trying to look as if they were paying attention let alone interested.

Laughably, these clowns are actually paid an allowance to attend the meeting. Some of them would be doing the borough a favour if they just didnt bother, rather than attend and contribute nothing.

The council meeting that they attend is supposed to deal with the all important issues; North Ken Academy, local economy, and environment - oh no. Reading the newspaper, sending emails and texts and in Palmers case firing up the old laptop checking stocks to see if he has made a profit - H wonders if councilskills has been floated? Probably sunk without trace as he hasnt been seen much "in his office" lately. Although he has had a face like the cat who has the cream recently, perhaps something to do with the findings of the standards committee in letting him off lightly for failing to update his interests and using council facilities inappropriately.

What did make the night, apart from Sir M almost ending up on his posterior, is how the councillors felt so threatened and under pressure that four security people were called to police the public gallery. Yes, it was full of people who wanted to see the proceedings regarding the North Ken Academy, but as far as Hornet could see none of them had knuckle dusters, coshes, or sawn off shotguns.

Healthy democracy is all about participation, and if the councillors can get away with siting in the chamber chatting, on their phones, laptops or reading newspapers, then why on earth aren't the police called to sort them out - rather than to an orderly collection of members of the public who are trying to save the place where they live - their homes.

You should hang your heads in shame.


  1. You are so right hornet...yet again, they do all sit and read their blackberries, send emails, shout at each other, slap each other on the backs and ignore anyone who happens to have been struck by lightening by bringing a local issue to the meeting. In fact at nearly all meetings does this occur. Would they dare behave like this at their outside interest bored meetings? I doubt it, but then it just demonstrate publicly the contempt they have for residents, surely this is a reflection on their management? A total disgrace.

  2. At my Board Meetings it was a strict rule that no mobile phones or Blackberry devices were allowed

    Our Board was there to discharge a duty - not pass time in order to qualify for a sitting allowance

    Another fail;ure of K&C Leadership to set the appropriate style, values and culture

    Goodness me, Cockell urgently needs to move on

  3. We should congratulate Dame Hornet for supporting ordinary people and highlighting the outrageous and disdainful behaviour of some members of the Council. Their constituents must be made aware of how little they care about their roles; let's bring more in to the Public Gallery to see for themselves.

    The Council is becoming a laughing-stock; time for a major shake-up.


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