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Friday, 8 April 2011

Deputy Mayor going going gone!

Local Government, the mechanics of the thing in the committee rooms, and the once smoke filled members room (when its not being used as CouncilSkills office) runs on conventions. The sort of unwritten guide between political parties that allows the wheels to turn and gives certain avenues in particular cases for things to happen.  Hornet has alluded to this many times in the past.

One such convention, is that despite the overwhelming Tory majority every four years or so the ruling Conservatives let the main opposition propose the deputy mayor. This is a good gesture, the role of ceremonial Mayor is apolitical, and lets face it, if its a Tory or Labour it wouldnt affect the material balance of the council, or any decisions taken.

It just gives a little bit of credence to the office, and enables it to be truly apolitical. Indeed, the House of Commons alternates every now and again when vacancies occur or Parliament changes, so its hardly a new innovation. But a good one nonetheless.

Hornet learns that this year, being the year Labour could nominate a Deputy Mayor, their discreet inquiries into this has fallen on deaf ears.

Eventually the main opposition party were apparently told that in this day and age, in the face of all the cuts and that its probably best we dont do this...

...well someone perhaps should have mentioned that to Cllr Elizabeth Rutherford, elected for the first time last May for Courtfield Ward as it seems she is to take up the post.

Maybe the LibDems should sharpen their pencils, as they may not have realised theres money in taking up that post....

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  1. they had to strong arm ER-no wanted to.


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