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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

That'll do Nicely... the answer

The moment you have all been waiting for....   the answer to the little teaser over the purchases on the councils credit card.

Hornet asked:

what do you think is the odd one out from this list, as in a red herring, something that wasn't charged....

   (A)  Return flights to Nepal
   (B)  Four Apple Mac Desktop Computers
   (C)  Orthodontic dental treatment
   (D)  Two Samsung Q1 Ultra-Thin Personal Computers

Four of you said (a)
One said (b)
Three said (c)
Nine said (d)

We have a winner! The correct answer is (b)
Four Apple Mac Computers were not charged to the council credit card. It was six!

So anon, post up your address to win a white t-shirt with the Hornet emblem, and on the back its enscribed "Buzz off! I'm with the Hornet". Dont worry, your address will not be published!


  1. Dear Madam Hornet
    It would seem that mingling with the worthies of the Royal Borough has led to you absorbing some of their more unfortunate habits!
    You have indicated that there were 17 entrants to your competition but there are only five responses published in the comments to the original post!
    Furthermore, you give the name of the winner as "anon" when it is clear that it was I, Exhibition Rod, that came up with the correct answer (albeit for the wrong reason).
    I trust that you will report yourself to the Standards Committee forthwith!
    Exhibition Rod

  2. There were in fact more entries than that bit I only posted a few as the others were simple entries stating just a letter.

    Don't poke a stick at the Hornet you brave fellow, you'll only end up getting stung. ;o().


  3. are you guys aware that there is only 3, Yes 3 single council tenants who have managed to the unbelievable task of getting a rebate on their Water Rates under the 'Assessed Household Charge' scheme that was introduced in mid 1995!
    Hows that for a Serious Indictment against the Technical Services dept of the TMO!

    Apparently the last tech services incumbent forgot to roll on this Assessed Household Charge for the last year in my case..which took that same dept 3x Years to negotiate with the equally Inept slothful Thames Water Authority.

    Hows that for Beaurocratic unprofessionalism

    i wonder if the other two people are suffering under the same regime of ineptness, or is there more single council tenants who've managed to persue this rebate successfully?

    i'd love to know and hear from them?

    Tally Ho!

  4. ANON - Received your post and its under investigation. Thanks for the tip xx


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