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Friday, 8 April 2011

That'll do Nicely...

Where u wanna go?
Tehran? Togo? Guyana?

There are some things money can't buy.
For everything else, there is the credit card provided by RBKC

The Dame has spent much of her career reining in the extravagances of those she manages so she knows a little of that vital management task of ensuring that her company gets best value.

When she heard that Mr Pickles had ordained that all councils should publish expenditure over £500 she clapped her hand with glee: at last a way for taxpayers to see who was blowing what and where. However nothing in the Rotten Borough is that simple.

Driving Lessons anyone?

She has just received a file showing purchases on the RBKC provided credit card,  and a few things struck her....

  • there is no proper explanation of the purpose of each of the more unusual expenditure items: the reader is thus left none the wiser
  • there seems to be no central buying, with all the associated cost saving advantages: it appears to be chaos with people going where they will. Anyone who has ever worked for a large organisation understands the need for central buying.

But looking at some of the charge items there are a huge number of surprises...

Just the one? Not on your nelly!

...and of course, Dear Reader you will read all about them over the coming weeks....

...right here on FTHN...

For now, how much do you think has been spent on the RBKC credit card, on stationery for the first three months of 2011?

                 (A) £2,000     (B) £4,000   (C) £6,000

Remember this is paid on the card, not centrally paid for on account by invoicing accounts payable.


  1. Dame
    Why would the Council pay for an airfare to Tehran? Are you serious? The only reasonable explanation is that Cllr Moylan-Design Champion Extraordinaire, had to fly to Tehran to discuss design for the new embassy with the brutal mullahs. But that cannot be surely? He would never expect us taxpayers to pay for jollies with the bunch of gay hating, women stoning bunch of savages. So it begs the question...why are we expected to buy airline tickets for someone to travel to this pariah state.
    Answers please Mr Holgate

  2. When my company was subject to wholescale fraud the culprit was always a result of collusion between the office manager and the stationary supplier.
    However, one of the worst aspects of the wickedly profligate spending is the fact that employees probably look
    at Cockell's personally lavish spending 'on the tax', and think well, 'oh well what the heck: the Leader throws around money so why shouldn't we. OUTRAGEOUS

  3. Your question

    I think its (B) 4,000

    am i right?


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