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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Boris says 'Save the Royal Brompton's Childrens Unit' but how about you Cllr Weale?

The Dame has written before about the shameful attempt to close down the renowned children's heart surgery unit at the Royal Brompton. The term 'centre of excellence' is frequently is over used: in this case it is not. This is a unit known for the superiority of skills of the immensely dedicated teams of surgeons, doctors and nurses whose efforts, over the years, have saved the lives of so many children.
The Dame was browsing through the Guardian when she read that Cllr Victoria Borwick, a member of the London Assembly, had proposed a successful All Party motion calling for the lifting of the closure threat. Luckily she had the ample weight of Boris behind it. So far so good for it's rare to get this level of support.

So what is missing? Yes, you guessed it....the Omerta like silence from our Council. Why? Surely should we not be proud of possessing this fantastic gift to children in our Borough? If we are why are we not aggressively joining Boris and friends in fighting it's closure?

Cllr Mary Weale is Chair of the RBK&C Hospitals Committee;she is also a close buddy of Merrick Cockell. So we have to ask why she has done damn all to save the the Children's Cardiac Unit. And if you are reading this Clouseau Palmer are you not on the committee too?
If you are a resident in her ward you know she is virtually invisible: many would say indolent, but surely she can bestir herself and lend a bit of voice to support this vital cause.....

So Dear Reader, if you are resident in the borough, or are connected to a service user, why not suggest to her that she follows Boris's lead and become a more voiciferous supporter of such a vital hospital service.

eMail here:

Or Write to her here:   39 Kelso Place, London W8 5QP
Or Give her a bell:       020 7937 0765


  1. Any chance you might translate this into English so the rest of us can understand?

  2. In my experience Cllr Weale is lazy and not usually well informed.

    She was Cabinet member for Education when the mischief of the Holland Park School rebuild was started by her "controller", our boy Pooter.

    I recall a public meeting when she was asked how many children attended the school. She replied that she did not know and would have to check. But she thought it was about "700"

    The correct figure was 1400

  3. Perhaps you need to wake up! It's pretty clear surely. Boris and the London Assembly have come together to denounce the closure, yet nothing has been heard from Cllr Weale's committee . Come on...concentrate.
    You cannot be that thick...though thinking about it...

  4. Sorry this site is for people who read and write English. If you have difficulty the Council run excellent English classes. Why not enroll? You will be able to fully benefit from the wisdom of the Dame if you stick at it.

  5. Living in Hans Town my first port of call was always Nick Paget-Brown-always helpful and courteous.
    I do remember trying to get in touch once with Mary Weale but gave up so interminably boring it was getting her to react.Thank goodness most constituencies kept a barge pole distance from her.
    Useless individual....


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