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Monday, 4 April 2011

Between a rock and a hard place

Hornets hotline has been buzzing recently as she hears Sir Cockle is vying to take over as head honcho of the currently Tory-led LGA (local government association for you abbreviationphobes out there).

This could present itself as a gift for those who want rid of him at the Rotten Borough ad it would be a perfect exit strategy for the knight. After all 11 odd years is enough for anyone isn't it?

Sadly however it may not yet be Moylans time to take over. Even if the Great Architect could muster up enough votes, getting them to turn up may prove difficult. Couple that with the fact he is probably the candidate most people would not want to be trapped in a lift with, let alone lead a borough means our Danny may have to sit this one out.

The dark horse cantering around on the shadows is Rock. Touted by some as heir apparent to Cockell his booting out by the electorate (tsk what do they know about anything!?) owing to Clouseaus lack lustre, flawed and frankly amateur campaign in May10 threw a spanner in the works. Luckily being handed the plum Holland seat in the by-election puts him back on track albeit a little off plan time wise.

So it's likely if Sir M manages to wangle himself onto the top table of the LGA we will see an interim leader, the Hokee Cokee Coleridge or Nasty Nick for a year or two until Rock becomes just that and can assume the position he is destined to fill.

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