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Monday, 4 April 2011

Sorry seems to be the hardest word...

When Justin Downes submitted  this piece to the Dame he made a harmless comment that greatly offended the Cheesecake Eater's massive ego. As part of his penance Dame Hornet has ordained that his profuse apology to DannyBoy be published here. So here it is, with Downes's abject Mea Culpa.

Dear Justin,

An e-mail circulated by you (below) has come into my possession.

I should be grateful for your written assurance that you will not in future circulate to any other person or publish in written or electronic form material referring to me in potentially defamatory terms.

I look forward to your early reply.

Daniel Moylan
Dear Daniel
What on earth makes you think it defamatory- potentially or not ? When we discussed the issues surrounding the proposed shared space at Harrods you suggested that my campaign had damaged the interests of residents. You went on to say it would have been better had you handled matters with Harrods. Do you recall that conversation? I don't care for the way you operate but I have never suggested anything other than you think you know better than anyone else! To satisfy your highly sensitive nature I will pass anything across you so you can give me your 'feedback'. How is that?

Dear Justin,

I recall only a conversation in which I said that the outcome achieved by your campaign would be (as has proven to be the case) less advantageous for residents (and far cheaper for Harrods) than the scheme the Council had negotiated with Harrods. This was on the basis that both you and I bitterly regretted that some ten years before planning permission for an outdoor café had been granted and in the light of legal advice I had taken to see if that permission could be regarded as extinct (it could not).

The clear import of your statement below is that I, acting for the Royal Borough Council, have conveyed to the Qatari Royal Family that compliance with Town and Country Planning legislation is not required of them or their interests in the Royal Borough and that enforcement action under that legislation will not be taken against them and their interests. Additionally, your reference to their great wealth may potentially be taken as implying a corrupt basis for this alleged action by me. I regard these as very serious matters.

Returning to the substance of my e-mail below, I am not asking to see everything you publish about me (anonymously or otherwise) in advance. I am seeking your written assurance that you will not in future circulate to any other person or publish in written or electronic form material referring to me in potentially defamatory terms.

Can you give that assurance?

DanielDear Daniel
My goodness you are a sensitive chap! If  that you think that was the inference of my comment I am most terribly upset. If you interpret things in this way then I had better bow to your demand and give my profound promise, as a fellow Roman Catholic, never to circulate anything that you could possibly imagine to be defamatory. Anyway, here is the promise...." I, Justin Downes solemnly swear that I will never refer to Cllr Daniel Moylan in any terms that he could consider to be defamatory-either electronically or in written form or in idle conversation"
Does that cheer you up?


Dear Justin,

Thank you.


It is always a great pleasure to assist you.But how could you ever believe I was inferring that you had a 'special relationship' with the Al Thani family?

1 comment:

  1. Having rid myself of thoughts of 'April 1st;' unless I've misunderstood these emails, Cllr Moylan believes he is entitled to censor a member of the public's email correspondence; in case he perceives it as potentially defamatory to himself!

    This leads to the question: is RBKC aware that UK is a Western Democracy; or is the Royal Borough a Totalitarian State? In the rest of the country official censorship disappeared a couple of hundred years ago. It's high time RBKC caught up with political trends!

    How insecure does Cllr Moylan show himself to be? He apparently believes a reference to him in relation to the acknowledged wealth of the Al Thani family, will be seen as implying that he is corrupt. By this measure, if Cllr Moylan is mentioned in relation to those blessed with an abundance of hair, he will be seen as being bald!

    Far from being a joke; this is a most serious issue. Cllr Moylan openly expresses his belief that he may control a fellow citizen's freedom of speech. Over the years there have been many criticisms of the gentleman; but this is of a different order. It is clearly time for Cllr Moylan to consider his position.


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