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Friday, 1 April 2011

RB Pounds are the new Wedge

The Cabinet paper that is being considered today will, if passed bring in the RBPound, the same kind of scheme currently used down in Brixton. Designed to encourage shopping in local independent stores, its hoped this idea will take off rather than fall flat as the ill-fated Wedge Card has done.

The basic concept is that you tip up to a participating retailer and swap proper pounds for these RBPounds, and then you spend them in any other participating store. The change is given in RBPounds, and its only notes in denominations of RB1, RB5, RB20 and RB50.

Sort of like a gift voucher.

However, as usual here in the Rotten Borough things dont always go so smoothly. Hornet learns that a row is brewing as Sir Cockle has been touring the borough having his mug shot in front of Borough landmarks to be watermarked on these new notes. Much to the dismay of finance big wig Light Foot who thinks the notes should have the images of famous borough residents of yester-year, and Danny who doesnt care who is on the notes as long as its him on the RB50 one.

Anyway, the scheme is being piloted in the Kings Road area and "goes live" early next week coinciding with the time the Wedge Card reaches its first birthday.


  1. this is a brilliant idea. Well done Cllr Lightfoot

  2. How confusing, will there be coins too and will it be decimal or imperial? Some of the market traders still deal in pounds and ounces. Will we have to change all our old money?

  3. What an excellent idea.

    Why don't they pay all the Councillors and senior officers in RBP, then they would have to spend it within the borough and it would support local business. Putting your money where your mouth is, as it were.

  4. I have asked Mr Myers if he is prepared to have his £240,000 a year salary paid in RB£ and got a very offensive response.
    Clearly he is not entering into the spirit of Big Finance Chief Light Foot's incredible initiative

  5. Pleased to see that for once this wretched site with its usual diet of drivel and gossip is supporting a scheme led by the very person they are so wont to censure.

    Credit where credit is due; for the first and possibly the last time, I must say, well done to the Hornet. An excellent post. Let's have more in support of the great work of this best of all Councils.

  6. 01:57 Anonymous
    Now really know that you are thick, Driveller....what date is it today?

  7. Oh really, what a complete and utter waste of airspace you all are on this site! Do you really have nothing better to do than think up drivelling puerile jokes to play on hardworking people who have better things to do?

  8. Anonymous said...
    Do you really have nothing better to do than think up drivelling puerile jokes to play on hardworking people who have better things to do?
    'don't you mean to add 'thick', hardworking people? I can't think what is funnier; The Dame's joke or the thick reaction of driveller

  9. Driveller

    I don't wish to be unkind but you describe yourself as 'hardworking' (let's ignore the previous comment that you are 'thick.
    Two things that strike one
    1.That for someone 'hardworking' you have loads of time to waste scanning the Dame
    2. Why, if you hate the blog so much, do you have such an unhealthy obsession with it's content.
    Time to 'move on' I think or get a hobby like trainspotting


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