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Thursday, 21 April 2011

RBKC Gain is TfL's loss

Hornet represents no party, but believes it is a measure of a local authority how it treats its opposition.
The Officers, the paid workers, by and large are respectful, polite and helpful to all. Its their job.

The politicians, thats a different story. Look at the tone of this email sent by Moylan to the Labour leader whinging over her motion in support of the local campaign against the proposed site of the North Ken Academy. Totally disregarding the actual crux of the matter, how real peoples lives are going to be really affected if this plan goes ahead as planned.

As if the Tories would have actually agreed with the motion in the first place, thats another matter, rather than try to strike it out from the agenda completely is somehow going to help anyone. It may raise a few laughs in the Tory Office, but that doesnt really sit kindly with the people who are going to have to endure this academy being dumped on their doorstep following a sham of a consultation and planning process.

Who the hell does he think he is? Telling the Labour leader what she should and shouldnt do. If Hornet received such an email from him, it would end up in very little pieces showered over his head.

Hornet was actually feeling a little sorry for Moylan, leaving the cabinet and no one having a whip round for him because they are all probably quite relieved he is going. No Krug and cheesecake. Not even a card, sent by DHL or Royal Mail.

Hornet was getting a little soft. Then this email turned up in her inbox, and the mood quickly changed.

Shame on you Moylan for sending such a disgraceful email. Cllr Blakeman and Labour are probably too polite to say it, so Hornet will say what they, and everyone else is probably thinking...

"Mind your own business and shove it."

Heaven help the people at TfL. 
Boris will be waking in the middle of the night shaking "Oh no! what have i done.....?"

The sooner he clears out his office and clears off the better it will be.


Message Received: Apr 20 2011, 10:36 AM
> From: "Daniel Moylan"
> To: "" , ""
> Cc: "" , "" , "" , "" , ""
> Subject: Re: Labour Party motion on Lancaster West


Dear Judith,
> That is a disgraceful e-mail. You, for all your experience, drafted a motion that invited the Council to take an illegal action and which was therefore necessarily out of order. That was sheer sloppiness on your part. You could have asked officers for drafting advice but presumably did not. When your error was politely pointed out, officers hastily gave you advice as to how a modest amendment would set matters right and allow the debate to proceed. I and my colleagues raised no objection. Instead of accepting the mistake, correcting it and moving on, you hit out below in all directions. If you had done your job properly in the first place, this would not have arisen. Shame on you.
> Daniel


  1. For anyone who had the dreadful experience of being with the Irish Christian Brothers reading of Moylan's behaviour sends a shiver down the spine.Like them,he is a ghastly, loudmouthed bully who gives the Irish an undeserved bad name.
    It is small wonder the members of Boodles told him, in no uncertain terms, to take his application elsewhere. How civilised members of the Council can endure to be in the same room as him is a mystery.
    It must feel like a huge load lifted from knowing that they will see much less of him. What an oik!

  2. What on earth is the matter with Daniel Moylan?
    Why has no one in the Council ever taken him to one side suggesting that his style of politics might be acceptable in the coarse arena of Bostonian Irish American politics it jars in Kensington and Chelsea. Cockell, when he bought his ludicrous Bentley gave as the excuse 'it was required to maintain the dignity of the Borough'. He was wrong: what is needed is for him and other councillors to tell Daniel that his rudeness and crudeness is detrimental to the 'dignity of the Borough'.

  3. There was undisguised glee in the Members' Room at Moylan being shifted sideways into obscurity. I had no idea how much he is loathed.

  4. Councillor Blakeman is an elected member of our community. Her only "crime" is to stand up for the views of those who she represents. To be treated in this manner is an outrage and the bully Moylan should pack his bags and shove off immediately for the betterment of the whole Borough.

  5. DM (The Man with NO Taste) resigns as deputy leader of Kensington & Chelsea Council.

    Good news for Kensington & Chelsea: Bangkok-up Moylan resigns as deputy leader & from planning. TFL are the unlucky people to get him "full-time" when he is not in his flat in Thailand. They can pay for his papers to be sent there an save "us" the money!
    When he receives his Title for services to retro 1960's architecture, might I suggest:-
    Lord Bangkok of Milton Keynes?

    Anyway, good riddance!



  6. time to take Moylan's mugshot off the website - i will miss the reminder of DHL excess

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