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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

PalmerGate Update 7

An interesting aspect that arose form the Initial Assessment Sub Committee's verdict on Cllr Palmer
was the fact that the Committee heard that Cllr Palmer and his director, David Mitchell were running Councilskills from his home.

Now we all know that if you are running a business from your home you are legally obliged to pay business rates. The question is has Cllr Palmer been paying business rates on the portion of his home used to run his business?

Perhaps Mr Holgate of Finance could advise us all of the legalities before everybody in the Rotten Borough follows Palmer's example. One rule for councillors - another for the rest of us? 

If a Councillor falls into Council Tax arrears they are prevented from voting on budget matters, by law. So what happens if a Councillor owes business rates?

The Dame also understands that Downes will be appealing the Initial Assessment Sub Committee decision and this time supported by incontrovertible evidence of the use of Town Halland RBKC resources.

Here we see the council agreeing that Cllr Palmer has broken the rules:

And here is the justification that even though he broke the rules, which is soon to be made a criminal offence (they also confirm that) as Palmer updated his interests once he was found out, they dont intend to apply any sanctions to punish the errant member

Its like someone pointing a gun loaded with live bullets, and pulling the trigger.
Then emptying it, refilling it with blanks, to be let off a murder charge as they have now replaced live bullets with blanks.

Its all very well Palmer has, finally updated his declaration of interests, but Hornet informed everyone back in August, September and October his was out of date. 

And he did nothing.

He didn't update it until after he was found out about councilskills, not before. It was Hornet that found out about his business interests, and it was the complaint made against him that only made the bumbling councillor to get out of his chair and do what he should have done months ago.

The appeal is going in and Hornet understands with additional information.

Maybe the so called opposition could start to ask questions and get to the bottom of this rather sad and sorry affair.

Told you. 
Only a matter of time.

1 comment:

  1. This is absolutely outrageous.

    On the one hand they say he has broken the rules. It says it clearly.

    But then say he has got away with it.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    And what makes it all the more galling is I voted for this idiot.

    Never again.

    I cant wait until he dares knock on my door.


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